Berkley Trilene TransOptic Monofilament Line is the ultimate "line-watchers" line. It's the first and only nylon monofilament fishing line to physically change color. Berkley's proprietary technology in the Trilene TransOptic Line is activated by UV light, changing from clear to gold in sun light. This allows the line to be Hi-Vis above the water and clear below. Easily manageable for a wide variety of baits and techniques, the Berkley Trilene TransOptic Line provides excellent shock strength and abrasion-resistance for an all-around tough and dependable line. Berkley Trilene TransOptic Monofilament You see it, Fish don't.
Winner of Best of Show in the line category at ICAST 2009

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 17lb 20lb 25lb
Inches .009 .010 .011 .013 .015 .016 .017 .019
Millimeters .23 .25 .28 .33 .38 .41 .43 .48

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i loved this line ans thought it was the coolest thing but it has failed me many times. i do not know what they put in this line but the sun really does its tole on the line. within a week of fishing your line will go from 8lb test to 4 lb test and you will lose all your lures and fish. i tred multiple spools and it did the same thing so i would never buy this junk again.  stick with the green Xt and you will be a much happier fisherman at the end of the day!!

From: Scott: Upstate NY

Comments: I have been using this line for about two months and it seems to perform well. I use the 15lb test and I have had several hang ups with worms on rocks and deep crank baist on stumps where the line would not break and i had to cut it. Tried to break it by trolling away and had both thumbs on the spool and the line was strong enough to keep the boat in place. I also used this fishing lagoon and bays in saltwater on vacation and no abrasions to rocks and sea walls while my dads flouro was getting eat up and he had to re-tie quite a few times. I am a little old school so i will stick to mono unless i am flipping

From: Roger: Helena, AL

Comments: In my mid 40's and my eye sight isn't what it used to be.  Tried this line for fishing jigs and t rigs in some pretty nasty stuff and I'm very satisfied with it.  Great abrasion resistance, knot strength and minmal memory...not to mention I can see it!  Caught almost 30 fish on it in clear to stained water my first time using it.  Berkley has a winner here, just hope they don't discontinue it.

From: Frank: Ont, Canada

Comments: I use this swag for shakey heading. I get 3-4 trips out of it. Fish dont seem to get bummed out about it in clear water.

From: Meatwad: Out of towner

Comments: The line casts great, has low memory and resists abrasions pretty well. But, I have had a lot of problems with it breaking at the knot for some unknown reason. This has happened on several spools, too. I love Berkly products, but I wont be using this line again.

From: Tom: Dallas, TX

Comments:TransOptic is a great fishing line for any presentation you need to see line movement. Wacky rigging this line is awesome, you can see the slighest bite. This line does work better in high sunlight conditions, and just mediocre in low light conditions.

From:Cam: Peoria, IL

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