Berkley Trilene XL Armor Coated Line Clear - $5.88

Offering XL flexibility with extra toughness - Berkley Trilene XL Armor Coated Fishing Line is a premium monofilament that features Berkley’s new Armor Coating technology for improved abrasion resistance, as well as Berkley's famous XL low-memory formula for superior casting and trouble-free performance.

-Superior manageability - Resists twists and kinks, excellent castability.

-Super Strong - Fish with confidence and control

-Versatile - Outstanding for a wide variety of baits and techniques

-Excellent Sensitivity - Good feel for structure and strikes

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 17lb
Inches .010 .011 .013 .014 .015 .017
Millimeter .25 .28 .33 .36 .38 .43

Comments: was using the 12lb test and was pretty much impressed with casting distance and sensitivity but then when I set the hook on what I think was a 4 or so pounder  the line just snapped. It could have been a kink or a fray in the line but since that first use (with the break off) I've been hesatant to try the line again.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments:  i have this line and it is great. i was new to this type of line so i had to finesse with it in the back yard. then i took it to the local pond and fished jigs. i was using 12lb test and my 2nd cast i could barely feel some weight and saw my line moving and then i set the hook and caught a nice fish with a beutiful hook set. so overall it is very invisible in the water, gets good hook sets, is durable, pretty thin, and has good strength. i even got it caught on a lilly pad and it took me 5 minutes to break my line. ( i was on a dock so i couldnt get it) although im wandering if the sensitivity isnt very good because i switched to fireline and threw sinkos and could feel every bite. so overall great line.

Comments:  second time I have talk about this line.  Just caught a 7 pounder with a spro frog in the middle of some thick vegitation , and I had to pull it through a tree with the weeds also and the line did just as good as braid . I love this mono 

From: Ben: St. Peters, MO

Comments: Just resentley purchised in 10# for baitcaster .Line comes of spool like a dream ,casts just as well.Used on river smallies,so alot of rocks and chunks of concret absasion recistance was excelent. I love this line,thanks BERKLEY.

From: Bret

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