Berkley Trilene XL Pro Grade 100% Fluorocarbon

Berkley Trilene XL Pro Grade 100% Fluorocarbon

Berkley’s finest fluorocarbon for spinning reel techniques, Berkley Trilene XL Pro Grade 100% Fluorocarbon has the lowest memory in a fluorcarbon and a thinner diameter. It casts like Trilene Sensation and flows easily off 2000- and 3000-size spinning reels. It is also virtually invisible in water and its sinking properties help increase lure depth. Perfect for finesse applications, it is incredibly sensitive with excellent abrasion resistance. The XL of professional-grade fluorocarbon, Berkley Trilene XL Pro Grade 100% Fluorocarbon is the choice of Berkley’s top pro’s as their mainline fluorocarbon for spinning reel techniques.

-Lowest memory in a fluorocarbon
-Thinner diameter
-Longer casts, better handling
-Fluorocarbon sink rate – perfect for jigging techniques
-Good knot and shock strength
-Virtually Invisible in water
-Casts like a mono
-Designed for spinning reels
-Perfect for finesse applications

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Berkley Trilene XL 100% Fluorocarbon 4lb 200yd $19.99 4
Berkley Trilene XL 100% Fluorocarbon 6lb 200yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Trilene XL 100% Fluorocarbon 8lb 200yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Trilene XL 100% Fluorocarbon 10lb 200yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Trilene XL 100% Fluorocarbon 12lb 200yd $19.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This softer grade of flouro is a much needed improvement from the standard Berkley fluoro for spinning equipment. The softer properties of the line to improves casting and memory problems I had with standard Berkley fluoro. So far, I've had no performance issues in regards to breakage or fraying. I had been using other brands of fluoro for manageability reasons, but Berkley seems to have produced a fine quality fluoro. 

From: John: Knoxville, TN 1/6/17

Comments: This is the best fluorocarbon line I have put on a spinning reel. I was fishing behind docks, under cables, over cross bars, and through rocks & never had an issue. It is a limp line & casts great. My shakey head rod is happy again.

From: Matt: Broken Arrow, OK 4/26/15

Comments: At first i really liked this stuff as it is very manageable, however i found it to be very weak and not as sensitive as other 8lb fluoro i have used. The last straw for me was fishing in Big Bay de Noc drop shotting bluff walls, my drop shot weight would bearly catch a rock and the strain would snap the line pinched in the drop shot weight. It was very soft and would take 3 to 4 tries to put a drop shot weight on without breaking the line in the weight clamp. Ultimately i had to tie a leader of more durable line to continue to fish. 

From: Joe: WI 1/15/15

Comments: Best fluorocarbon on the market for spinning equipment. I've been using it with very good success since it was available for consumers. Excellent knot strength and abrasions resistance, but the best part of the line is how manageable it is on the spool.

From: Lynn: Fort Worth, TX 9/14/14

Comments: Best fluoro I've found for spinning reel.    Sensitivity very good, Knot strength is good and is not stiiff.  Cast very well.   Using the 8 and 10lb for shakey head application.   Strength and abrasion appear ok but haven't really had enough time to test with areas where abrasion may be a factor.

From: Mike: VA 3/15/14

Comments: Works good on spinning reels. Doesn't twist up like as much as some other fluorocarbon lines. However it has a very small diameter and I've found it will break easier than the other Berkley fluorocarbon line. 12lb in this is like 10lb in the other. 

From: Kirk: Hot Springs,AR,US

Comments: Best flourocarbon I have used on a spinning reel hands down. It is not stiff like other flourocarbons...would recommend.

From: Michael: Yorktown, Va, US

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