Berkley's Trilene Fishing Line is certainly one of America's most popular lines, and the XT (For eXtra Tough) is the line to use around heavy, line-cutting cover. This line gives you an abrasion resistant finish to protect your line from rocks, sticks, shells, and toothy fish, giving you a chance to land what you hook even out of the rough stuff. This is not limp line - it is stiffer than the XL line, and will produce more coils after it has been on the spool for a while, making it a little tougher to use with spinning gear. If you need tough line XT is it.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 17lb 20lb
Inches .010 .012 .014 .015 .016 .017 .018
Millimeter .254 .305 .356 .381 .406 .432 .457

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Theres a lot of people that have said this line will not hold knots thats not true at all it holds them well ive had no problems. Its smooth casting. Resists twists and kinks. Sensitive to feel structure and strikes. Incredible strength for confidence and control. Versatile for use with a wide variety of baits and techniques.

From: Nate: AR

Comments: This is a THICK line. 8 lb test is .305mm (dia.) same as Seagur Senshi 15 lb test. XT 10 lb test is .356 Senshi 20 lb is only .330. So Berkley XT should be stronger as it is TWICE as thick = go by line Dia.  thickness, NOT manufactures designated test lb strength. Bottom line  question IS if Berkley XT 8 lb stronger than Seaguar Senshi's 15 lb test (since they are EQUAL size) lines. I prefer Senshi but at least compare them honestly.

From: TC: San Leon, TX

Comments: I use to be a real big Sufix Siege fan but then I saw a video of the Berkley product manager comparing there new XT to the Siege and saying it was stronger and more flexible.... This new XT is amazing, it's stronger, more mangable and even more abrasion resistant than Sufix Siege. I fish around a lot of rocks and I never had any nicks in my line... Great line.. Try it out.

From: Jon: CA

Comments: Bought three spools to do all my rods.  Put it on reel counter clockwise as instructed and it fell right off in a huge bird nest.  Tried clockwise, same result.  What's the deal???

From: Bill: Girard, OH

Comments: Was shallow crankin with 17lb line and when i got a hit, it just snapped. Threw the the line away as soon as i got home

From: Tony: San Diego, CA

Comments: This is great monofiliment line. It's tough and casts very well. The price and quality are as good as any other monos out there.

From: Leonard: Grosse Ile, MI

Comments: Tons of memory. Stick to Suffix.

Comments: Very good line! I fish lots of timber and this line takes the cake! It hardly ever gets frayed or wears out on my Curado/carrot combo!

From: Eli: China, TX

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