Anglers have long known that 100% fluorocarbon line is nearly invisible to fish and this fact has catapulted premium fluorocarbon line to the front of the pack when anglers are faced with a tough bite and clear water conditions. Fluorocarbon lines also offer less stretch for more sensitivity and great abrasion resistance. Berkley has been a leader in the fishing line industry since monofilament lines were first introduced and when they created a 100% fluorocarbon line, it had to be good. Now, Berkley has improved their Vanish lines by making them softer and more flexible for less tangles and easier casting even on spinning gear. Since fluorocarbon does not soak up water knot and tensile strength are not compromised. Try the popular Berkley Vanish next time you want to spool up some fluorocarbon.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: never buy this line for baitcasters! it works ok on spinning reels but it sucks for bait casters, lost an 8 pound bass and a red eye shad yesterday because of this line!

From: Steven: AZ

Comments: the worst fluorocarbon line I've ever used. I spooled up my cranking rod and I went fishing with it once. A week later I go to rig up my poles and I always check my line first. The line was already rotten throughout the whole reel. I'll never buy this line again.

From: Ethan

Comments: You pay for what you get. Terrible line for spinning gear. Memory is so bad you dont even have a chance. I switched to Invizx and havent had a problem since. 

From: Matt: PA

Comments: I got the 12 pound stuff for my spinning reel and it works great. I've never had a fish break off. It's kind of stiff at first but after a while it will get fairly limp.

From: Isaiah: Fremont, Michigan

Comments: it's funny how many people bash this line.  i use the 8 lb for drop shotting.  whether i use it as leader line or spool my whole reel with it, i have not had any problems with line strength.  i pulled a 6 lb largemouth out of trees with it. the largemouth took line, got wrapped up in the branches and i still landed it.  if you're breaking off too easy, you're probably tying bad knots or not checking your line for frays.  i've towed my 9' livingston trying to snap it off from a snag. it does tend to get a bit of memory and line twists if you are fishing deep water. but it has never failed me when fighting fish.

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments: I used Vanish for 1 cast.  Fresh spool of 14 lb. vanish, 50+ yard cast.  Fish hits it on the initial fall.  Set the hook, breaks off at the reel, line goes shooting through the guides. Taking that junk off my reel was the nicest thing a fish has ever done for me. True story.  Worst line ever.

Comments: Probably the worst line ever made. It has horrible memory, and the line breaks on almost everything. Like i said word line ever made pretty sure your better off with zebco line

From: Matthew: AR

Comments: Lost some nice fish at Clear Lake.  Never again.

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: This line is terrible. Once i got it I put it on my baitcasters and at first it was decent like all freshly spooled line, but after 2 days I threw it away, it has so much memory that it looks like a slinky, it breaks very easy even on the smallest of fish. Spend the extra money and buy a better fluorocarbon. DO NOT BUY THIS LINE!!!!!

From: Brandon: MN

Comments: keep in mind the old adage....you get what you pay for when deciding on whether or not to cheap out and buy this junk. in a review above Moey from FL says this is the best fluoro he has ever used....he then mentions one little concern he did have that "the problem is the strength is very very very low i bought the 20 lb and i got a 2 lb bass and the line broke" Well Moey, thats not good when your line has very very very low strength and breaks inexplainably like this one does. when you said best fluoro you have used did you mean to say only fluoro you have used? try one of the sunline products or the seagur lines kick butt also.  Maybe your not looking to spend much on your line so vanish was the easy choice.  id suggest you try  vicious or sufix which make pretty decent fluoros at or arnd the same price point as vanish. whatever you do dont buy this junk.  somebody should have pulled this stuff by now off the shelves. it really says something when there is a cliquet now about your product....the one about'the only thing that vanishes is the tackle its attached too'.  now that the trilene fluoro is out there why do i keep seeing this. take it off the shelf. go back to the drawing board.

From: Eric: MA, USA

Comments: line broke at knot several times using a good fluoro knot. im goin back to silver thread

From: Ricky: Panama City, FL

Comments: casts really good. still doesn't cast as good as my braided line. caught a 7, and 2 4 pound bass in florida on the line. only catching experience i've had.

From: Reid: Clinton, NC

Comments: Do you know why it's called vanish? because your lures disappear. So if you like losing expensive lures buy this line! 

From: Billy

Comments: Great line! Casts like mono! Really smooth and doesnt dry out like most florocarbons. My favorite inexpensive floro!

From: PT: IL

Comments: Worst line ever made! This line was my favorite untill about 3 years ago. They changed something big time because now all it does is fray up when you even get close to wood and after about a month it clouds up regardless of line conditioner or daily use. Cant beleive Berkley would sell something like this!

From: Tyler: Timonium, MD

Comments: Ive had this line go bad just sitting in my rod locker. Seems like it has an expiration date or something!

From: Joe: Elm City, NC

Comments: People, don't lie to yourselves any longer.  This line plain sucks.  Thank you.

From: Jojo: TX

Comments: this line is the best flurocarbon iv used but the problem is the strength is very very very low i bought the 20 lb and i got a 2 lb bass and the line broke so i wouldnt recomand it to anyone.

From: Moey: Florida, USA

Comments: Not recommended if your in a tournament and have money on the line. Just not that reliable. Good line for the price for everybody else.

From: Kevin: Burleson, TX

Comments: I was very disappointed in this line. I need some FC for some DD crankbaits, so I bought this, thinking that it would be perfect. Well, right off the bat, as soon as I put it on my Revo, I could see some memory and coil. First backlash, I almost needed to cut off 30 yards. I will not be buying/using this line again, will go back to P-line from now on. It vanishes alright, right off of your reel.
If I could rate this product, it would be 2/5, only because I was able to land one fish from 22 F.O.W.

From: Jake: C. TX

Comments: Excellent Flourocarbon! I've been using this line myself for only 2 years now, but it's a superior line with a superior price. I have spools and spools of Vanish. I use 20 pound test for for all my flippin and pitchin rods, 17 pound test for all my other casting rods, 8 pound test for all my spinning rods, and I actually have one spinning rod specifcally for Smallies with 4 pound test Vanish and they all perfom great and catch me fish that I otherwise would not have caught, thanks to Berkley Vanish 100% Flourocarbon line. If you wanna be serious and put more bass in your boat, pick up some Berkley Vanish today at Tackle Warehouse!

From: Justin: NJ

Comments: ......USE CAUTION......  Have used this line for years wih great results. Use caution 1 in 10 spools is bad right off the self. Last spool cost me $20 in lures during a tourny before I found that bad line. Probaly not worth the risk. Wish they would address the quality control. Good line for the money.

From: Brandon: UT

Comments: I have tried just about every fluorocarbon made. The variation in quality is stunning...and it seems to have little to do with price. This spring I bought several spools of Vanish. I haven't used Vanish for 3-4 years. They have apparently improved it and I was pleasantly surprised.  I've had the line on two rods for 4 months now and still no loops, no knots, no breakoffs. The line is excellent, and not just "for the money."  I recently tried Sunline Sniper, and after the first cast there were loops all over the deck. And it costs more than twice what Vanish does. This will be my "standard" fluorocarbon. One question though:  Are larger spools available? I'd love to get a 600 or 1000 yard spool.

From: Mark: Washougal, WA

Comments: this is good flouro in 14lb for cranks and spinners. good for finnese too

From: Connor: AR

Comments: breaks for no reason all the time! if you get a bad spool throw it out but good spools are OK

Comments: if your fishing around fish that are real spookish its an awsom line. I just got it and and put some on and fished it in about as clear of water as you can get and cought fish i never would have with a more noticible line BUY THIS LINE

From: Lyle: TX

Comments: Outperforms a lot of the other, more expensive, flourocarbon lines out there. Not sure why it is priced so low but it works great. Definitely the best value on the market.

From: Matt: Idaho

Comments: Best fluoro for the money, period.

From: Dave: Elburn, IL

Comments: I have had it with this line!  Spend the extra $10 and get something better!  I broke off like 10 fish in the last 3 days on this crap!!!  (I know how to tie and wet a knot)  Its bad!!!

From: Wes: TX

Comments:  I have NEVER broke off a fish on this line. Spinnerbait, crankbait, jig, dropshot, shakyhead, tubes: in weeds, rocks, trees, shallow, deep, I have NEVER broken off a fish on this line. 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, and 17lb test - NEVER broke a fish off.  IMPORTANT: Learn how to tie a Trilene knot properly. Check your line like you should with every line. Hundreds upon hundreds of fish caught without a break off. Even pulled in 10 lb northern pike without a problem with the line. Caught so many more fish once I switch to flourocarbon, and Vanish is easy to manage. A trick regarding line memory. If the line sits on the reel too long and develops memory, just hook the line to something, walk out two or three cast lengths and pull straight and hard and you can pull the memory out of the line. Also, don't overspool spinning reels. Simple rules to manage any flourocarbon line. This line is awesome.

From: Kotter: New York

Comments: I think this line is great.  It has a little more stretch to it than some other fluoros, but, for the money, it's worth it.  Just tie a good knot and check your line from time to time.  I give it two thumbs up

From: Andrew: Midwest

Comments: best fluoro on the market for the money, whoever says this line sucks is not using the right knots, not wetting their line. if you have any doubts about buying this line dont think twice, i fish this line religiously, and i probably fish twice as many tournaments a year than everyone that posts about this line put together, go spend your 40 dollars for 100 yards of fluoro ill stick with the best stuff on the market

From: Nathan: IN

Comments: it will land fish but it gets frayed way to easy! never using it again...P-LINE MOSS GREEN...all you need

From: Buzz: SoCal

Comments: I love to flip. I have tried alot of different FC, and one day i really need some line one short notice. I found this line and it was cheap compared to what i had been used to . Just let me say I have not went back to the other FC yet. Seguar, P-line, Viscous, and a few others cannot do what i have done with the Vanish. I have pulled so many fish over, under , and out of brush with this line. I am not sure that spending 40 dollars for 200yds makes your FC any better than this 12 dollar line.

Comments: It's named vanish appropriately for making your fish Vansih!  Seagur  invis-x is a good choice.

From: ksbigbass

Comments: this was the first floro i ever tried and after trying seaguar inviz x, red label, the original visious, and tripple fish floros im back to the vanish for the price it cant be beat my biggest bass 8lbs 13oz was caught on 10lb vanish with a shaky head and my second best 7lbs 3oz was on 17lb flippin a tube and i horsed her right to the boat with ease now i admit it dose chip a lil when fished around rocks but.. if you check your line every few fish you'll be ok add a lil line conditioner now and then and you'll be good to go

From: Brad: MO, USA

Comments: This line is good but not great. I personally love the new X-50.

From: Matt: Corcoran, MN

Comments: It's good line. You can't saw trees down with it it's not braid. If you get in wood or rocks it will nick but what line won't. I check the line often and have caught many fish in standing timber over 5 pounds. Great line if the fish are spooked. If not use braid!

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: This is the only fluorocarbon line I will use, and have used it for the past 4 years with great success.  Very tough and great casting. I have used the 8,10,14, 17 and 20lb tests

From: Bill: Hartford, MI

Comments: I've used just about every brand of fluorocarbon, this brand being my first that I tried. Hate to say it but this line is terrible. It has less memory than some but it has absolutley no knot strength. This line will snap with even subtle hook sets. It may be good for bream and crappie but if you fish for bass like I do, stay clear of this line. The price is great but I'd rather spend more and know that when I set the hook on a lunker, it will not break! For line that has great strength, low memory and a good price, go with P-line 100% fluorocarbon!

From: Tom: N. Chas. SC

Comments: I had used vanish when it first came out and was dissapointed, but i tried it again and the new formula in as different as night and day.  I will buy more!!!

Comments: I used this line all last tournament season and never hand one problem. Only time I broke a fish off on a hookset was when my one of my guides was missing the insert.

Comments: One word to describe this line....garbage, I used it for worming. It was breaking 8 out of every 10 hooksets.  To it's credit the fish don't seem to see it and it really gets me more bites, but snapping on 80% of my hooksets is a number I can't live with.  Maybe it would be better for fishing crankbaits or other lures that don't require a strong hookset but it has left a bad taste in my mouth.

From: Frank: Makakilo, HI

Comments: Bottom line dont buy it. You get exactly what you pay for in a cheap line. Save some money and get a better flouro.

From: Sebby: Connecticut, USA

Comments: just as bad as vanish transition. i purchased this line at the same time with a spool of vanish transition. i broke off on money fish in two tournaments with this line and multiple times while practicing. i kept using it because i though my knot ting skills were to blame, but after trying other brands of fluorocarbon and never breaking off in much more severe situations i can safely blame the line. others in my bass club that didn't heed my warnings about this string faired the same fate as me.

From: bassNredfish: Louisiana 

Comments: It's called Vanish because thats what happens to your lures when you use this line. Go with Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon.

From: Al: Ohio, USA

Comments: good overall flouro, maybe not in heavy cover, rocks and wood.  I use 6-8 lb on spinning reels and cured the jump off the spool problems by underfilling the spool a little more than usual.  On baitcasters I use 12-17 lb.  never had a problem

From: Jeff: North Jersey

Comments: I think Vanish fluorocarbon is probably good line if you don't fish around any cover. It tends to nick really easy which will cause it to snap. Tensile strength is good but you have to constantly check it for bad spots. Overall, Vanish is not bad for open water but not the best otherwise.

From: Robert: Texas, USA

Comments: Agree with not a great fluorocarbon. Just had 10# Vanish snap on a nice fish mid line (not at connection point just mid line!) upon hookset. If you are going to use a cheaper fluorocarbon such as this, might as well go with something a little more reliable like regular Trilene XL and save your money up for a better fluoro next time.


Comments: The fluorocarbon line was recommended by an expert fisherman/coworker. I respooled a brand new Zebco 33 with the 6 lb Berkley Vanish. It casts much more smoothly and accurately with fewer hang-ups in the trees. Bream and other fish I like to catch seem to grow in number too. Price wise, this product is very reasonable too. Don't hesitate to buy it!

From: Bob: Huntsville, AL

Comments:As far as price is concerned with vanish I love it. Fishing tournaments and replacing line before each one gets expensive. I trust vanish even with big ones. Spinning reels can sometimes be a hassle if you over spool them but that is with any line. If you don't over spool a spinning reel and use a lil reel magic vanish is awesome. I use 17lb, 8, 10 and 14 and haven't had any problems at all. I got a few spools of piss poor vanish transition before but plain vanish is awesome.

From:A.: Knoxville, TN

Comments:I purchased a 250 yard spool of 10# Vanish. I carefully spooled the line onto a medium light spinning rig, while attaching terminal equipment for fishing a plastic jerk bait the line jumped off the reel creating a mess that required cutting 10 yards of line off and discarding it!! So much for the easy casting fluorocarbon. Total waste of my fishing funds.

From:Jack: Ohio, USA

Comments: have tried to find a cheaper, better Fluoro. But it seems no matter where I go or what I try, I always find my way back to Vanish. There simply is no better line out there.

From:Buck: California, USA

Comments:This is not a very good fluorocarbon line. Yes, it's inexpensive compared to other fluoro lines, but that's probably because the quality is not good. I've used the 8 lb test on my spinning gear and it has broken on me many times and cost me some big fish. The abrasion resistance is just not good.

From:Pete: Minnesota, USA

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