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Since the birth of fluorocarbon line, Berkley has been supplying anglers with the most technologically advanced lines available, and now they’re doing it again with the Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon. When faced with a tough bite or clear water conditions, the Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon disappears under water to give anglers a virtually invisible line choice. Now, the Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon line is also softer and more flexible for less tangles and easier casting – even on spinning gear. Next time you’re spooling up with fluorocarbon make sure it’s Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon. 

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 17lb 20lb
Inches .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .015 .016
Millimeters .22 .25 .28 .30 .33 .38 .41

Comments: I give it a thumbs down. Bought a 10lb spool for topshot on my power pro. I dropshot Newport Harbor in orange county ca. for bass and halibut. It holds up to the calicos and sandies, but the spotted bay bass and halibut that slam it with with their mouthful of teeth cut thru it like butter almost every time. Thought maybe I just got an old spool, but after reading others comments guess not.

From: Greg: Fountain Valley, CA 8/27/14

Comments: I don't know why but I spooled this stuff on one of my bait casters prob cuz I was broke and walmart didn't have my Seagar! Went to some ponds last week was pitchin an dragging a Sk Rodent Texas rig... Hard bite swing loose it all.... Tie on again ....  Again Hard bite swing loose it all again... Now I'm pissed retire for the day... Very next weekend go to a new set of ponds same rig same knots Iv always tied. This time Rage craw.. Dragging it along pause... Watch the fish swim up to the bait and take it. Rip it ....BAM took all my S&^t again right infront of my eyes. I always slobber all my knots I know how to tie floral... This is bull don't make the same mistake I did by buying this line....

From: Jeff: CO 8/9/14

Comments: Have been fishing this line as a leader on my Power Pro 10lb for the last three years. Fish 6, 8, 10Lb leaders depending on the application. Connection is with the RP Knot with 7 wraps instead of 5. Have caught large mouth bass to 6lbs. I drop shot and split shot with a San Diego Jam knot and Palomar knot for my connection to my hooks and lures. Several of the bigger fish I had to pull through the grass lines. Just took my time. Again no issues...RECOMMENDED !

From: Kim: La Mesa, CA 6/2/14

Comments: I have fished this line open water and in the junk with no problems.  NEVER lost a fish!  The knot however is important!  If you catch a 4-5lbs bass, doesn't matter what line you use, check your line and retie if you need to.  A good habit to get into!  The one think I like about Fluoro, is how nice it casts!  Little to no memory at all! And who doesn't like that? I fish 14lbs test on my baitcaster reels!  FISH ON!

From: Kerry: Memphis, MO 3/25/14

Comments: Love this Line! I pulled a 4.8lb bass up over a submerged rock wall with 10lb line with ease. My line was slightly frayed after landing the fish but I couldn't believe it didn't snap!! I use a Palomar knot with fluoro and I never break off on hook sets. Anybody who says this line sucks needs to learn how to properly tie a knot with fluoro

From: JBird: RI 2/28/14

Comments: You guys that say this line is junk are 100% wrong. I have fought some of the biggest fish of my life on this line and it had never ever failed me. I fought a huge bowfin for 20+ minutes that had taken my lure pretty deep in his mouth. I put and unbelievable amount of pressure on him with that 12# line and when I finally landed him there wasn't a nick in my line even after it went through those razor sharp teeth for 20+ minutes. On a side note I also fought a ridiculously big spiny softshell turtle for over a half hour that was also hooked deep in the mouth and it went through those chompers and came out spotless. This line is good stuff and what a great price!

From: Jeremy: IN

Comments: Gosh this line is so bad. I want to save money just as everyone else. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID. Do yourself a favor and buy seaguar red label

From: Nick: hville,TN

Comments: Garbage. Do not buy, it's called vanish for a reason, when you cast it, that's the last time you'll see your line!

From: Fast Freddy: Middle GA

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Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon

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