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The Bettencourt Baits Dying Bluegill floats on the surface like a dead or dying bluegill, swimming briefly, struggling for a second, and finally croaking. As this flat-bodied bait slowly floats to the surface its off positioned hook causes it to lay flat on its side. Give it a slight pop and it takes a shallow dive, undulates erratically, welcoming hungry bass to an effortless meal. This multi-jointed hard-bodied swimbait also features soft fur fins that add a subtle movement and a lifelike touch. The Dying Bluegill is best worked with a slower deadstick approach, combined with a slight intermittent twitching.  Equipped with a super sharp  #4 Gamakatsu treble hook, the Bettencourt Bait Dying Bluegill is sure to gain a lot of attention while it kicks the bucket. 

Bettencourt Baits Length Width Weight
Dying Bluegill 4.5" 1.5" 1oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This was a waste of my time and money. It's not the full size gill like you see in the videos. It's the size of a walnut. It came with the paint already chipped and the tail was deranged. It just doesn't look as purdy as it does in the pics either. I feel duped...

From: Jeff: Memphis, TN 6/24/15

Comments: finally got mine...and it's frickn awesome!!!! This thing has the most absolute life like dying action of any lure on this planet. I even find myself just watching this lure in awe when it's swimming along and BAMM kill it and it starts to float belly up to the surface. So If I'm hypnotized by this lure I can only imagine what the fish think.ive thrown this out for half a day and caught 4 piggies,biggest being 7lbs.

From: Steveo

Comments: this swimbait is gettn a lot of press attention and seeing a lot of videos up of its badass sick action, I ordered mine and cant friggin wait till they come back instock,this bait is going to kill it and def. Be tied on a rod at all times...this summer with the bettencourt is going to be a deadly one.........for the bass ;)

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: Hmmm... No reviews on this little guy yet? Well I'll tell you this little bluegill is going to get destroyed this spring by a big female largemouth, smallmouth or a fat northern pike!! What a cool lure!! Preforms just like on the video, and you can impart some sick action with this bait! Twitch it, swim it, then kill it, super bait that has quality hardware and a durable paint job! Don't pass this one up, it's bad ass.

From: mrbond007: East Lansing, MI 

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