One thing we know for sure, bass are real meat eaters. You won't find any vegan largemouth swimming in your local lake. The Rodent bass lure offers these predators red meat, something a hungry bass won't be able to turn down. Each bait is meticulously handcrafted in the Midwest by Nathan Bettencourt and tuned to run correctly right out of the package. When you get The Rodent lure in your hand you will want to drop it. It looks like an ugly rat that you'd rather stomp on than fish with. When you throw it in the water, cruising bass think it is a splendid looking meal. Suspecting a fat, dumb, and slow rodent, the bass will come ready for dinner.

Throw The Rodent around tules, cattails, and bulrushes or under overhanging vegetation. Throw it anywhere a rodent would hang out and then hang on! Swim The Rodent across the surface for fierce topwater action. You can also point your rod tip down and pull it underwater, it's the perfect disquise as a swimming muskrat. Deadsticking The Rodent can also be very effective with small twitches and short swims. However you choose to fish The Rodent this bait can catch big fish for you.

Each Rodent lure is handcrafted so lengths may vary slightly.

Rodent Length Weight Class Dive Depth
Small 3-1/2" 5/8oz. Floating 0-2 Feet
Large 5" 7/8oz. Floating 0-2 Feet
Magnum 8" 2-1/4oz. Floating 0-2 Feet

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love this rat. It catches loads of fish & looks super realistic. It has a swim action that fish cant resist.

From: Justin: USA 4/1/15

Comments: My mom got me this rat for Christmas because she thought it looked "cool", I want to let everyone know this is my go-to wakebait.  I got videos of me slamming them on this bait.  Try it out for yourself, it's not that expensive, looks very realistic in and out of the water, and it catches fish...

From: AP: CA

Comments: tacklewarehouse is only shop online that sells this bait other then the site. there might be others but don't risk your money. Tacklewarehouse is great shipping and trust in your order. I also like free reviews for this site, you don't have to join a club for tacklewarehouse great service and love. Good fishing friends forever!

From: Alex

Comments: I caught my first 10 pound bass on the Rat. Great bait. The Bettencourt Bluegill is also a big fish catcher for me.

From: Ed: Atwater, CA

Comments: I've been throwing these for over 1 year now. All tournament anglers should have one tied on. They flat catch fish! And for that trophy, try the magnum. Most realistic rat on the market!
From: Jake, CA, 12/04

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