Offering innovative, American-made performance, the Big Bear 2012 Series Casting Rods feature lightweight multi-modulus graphite blanks and patented Big Bear Grips, made from a secret synthetic rubber formula using dual ply technology. The combination allows anglers to make longer, more accurate casts, and solid hook sets - without limiting sensitivity or increasing weight. The revolutionary grip design also helps reduce hand fatigued and performs incredibly in wet and cold conditions, channeling water underneath your hands so they won’t slip, and retaining warmth on those cold days.

Ultra light Pac Bay Minima Line Guides also furnish excellent durability, and a no-foregrip design with a Pac Bay Blank-Thru Reel Seat further facilitates sensitivity transfer. Loaded with features and performance, each Big Bear 2012 Series Casting Rod also has its LPA (Length, Power, Action) printed in large fonts on the handle for easy identification.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Offering innovative American-made performance, the Big Bear Series Casting Rods feature premium blanks and components, including patented Big Bear Grips - for superior sensitivity and grip in all weather conditions.

Customer Reviews


Comments: This is an update for a previous review I wrote.  Rob from Big Bear contacted me directly and he couldn't apologize enough for the bad rod I received.  He went above and beyond to try and make me a returning customer and make sure I was satisfied; I couldn't have asked for better customer service.  It's good to see a rod company that cares about their product and their customers.  Thanks Rob!

From: Tony: Chicago

Comments: Two thumbs up! The one thing that caught me by surprise was how much more accurate I am with the Big Bear grip than I am with my traditional grips.  If you are looking for accuracy, this rod is a must!

From: Cole: GA

Comments: I got my new 7'3'' medium and went out and boxed over 18 lbs in less than 2 hrs. Just the right action for a dd22 or fat free shad. Love these rods!!

From: Jason: Albany, GA

Comments: The rod is OK, but needs to be way less than $180.

From: Will: GA

Comments: I had high expectations for this company until I received my rod last week.  I was extremely disappointed; every line guide was crooked and the tip had a slight bend to it.  For $180 there should be much more attention to detail.  I must say that the grip is absolutely awesome, but that was about the only good thing on my rod.  I sent mine back to TW and will not be taking a chance on another Big Bear rod.

From: Tony: Chicago

Comments: I have two of last year's models. I love the grips on them but for the price the quality is horrible. Had one break in half and the other one the eyes broke off. Also the reel seat comes loose to easy. 

From: Drew: Broken Arrow, OK

Comments: You will not find a better rod anywhere. For all you power fisherman, nothing matches the sensitivity, power and DURABILITY like a Big Bear Rod. I'm hard on my rods. I use heavy superlines and swing hard to drive a hook home in heavy cover and no rod has ever improved my hookup-landing ratio as much as Big Bear Rods have. Two years ago, I didn't own a Big Bear Rod and complained about losing key fish when money was on the line. Now I have 10 Big Bears and won Angler of the Year for the local tournament trail I compete in. I'm convinced these rods have made the biggest difference for me landing big bass!

From: Justin: Athens, GA

Comments: I would like to say i've been using Big Bear Rods for the last three years and have never had a problem with them.. They are by far the best rods I have ever used.. The grips on this rods are so unique and great...I will say these rods are very well built.. they all have the back bone you need but the tips on them are great.. The guides are very sensitive and I can fill alot when using them. Also a cool thing is the specs for the rod are written in big numbers and letters below the grip, so you exactly know what action rod you are picking up. Most of all these rods are built in U.S.A.

From: Mike: Houston, TX

Comments:  These rods cannot be beat!  They have AMAZING feel and sensitivity and are by far the most comfortable rod that I have ever held in my hand.  I highly highly recommend a set to anyone.  I know that I will soon have a set!

From: Russell: Redford, NC

Comments: If you are in the market for a new rod or rods look no farther! Big Bear Rods are the REAL DEAL! I have used everything from a G Loomis IMX to a Shimano Clarus and not one rod compares to a Big Bear Rod. The 7'9" H is the best Punchin/Flippin rod on the market. It has all the power needed to get that big fish out of heavy cover and the perfect amount of tip so you aren't tearing the hook out of the fish's mouth. I recommend ANY Big Bear Rod for ANY angler!

From: Jeff: Northern California

Comments: Big Bear Rods are amazing, the grip is one of a kind, and it helps me feel bites no matter what the conditions. The grip also helps with wrist fatigue. Over all it is the best rod I have ever used, it is the perfect combination of power and sensitivity.

From: Tommy: Ft. Myers, FL 

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