The Big Bear Micro Pro Spiral Casting Rods feature Minima Micro Guides, which are spiraled around the rod blank. The spiraling of the guides counteracts the natural tendency of a conventional casting rod to want to turn over (so the guides are on the bottom) when under load. By spiraling the guides, it brings the guides back down to the bottom of the blank, allowing you to use all of your strength, and the rod's strength in fighting the fish. First used in saltwater fishing for bigger, harder pulling fish, the spiral guides maximize the potential of your rod, prolong its life, and also aid in casting distance by reducing friction.

Featuring a trademark high modulus graphite blank, each Big Bear Micro Spiral Casting Rod also boasts a no-fore grip design and blank exposed reel seat for maximum sensitivity transfer. The exclusive Big Bear Grip, made from a secret synthetic rubber formula using dual ply technology, also furnishes superior comfort and grip in all conditions - the rain, sun or cold - it doesn't matter. Made in America, the Big Bear Micro Pro Spiral Casting Rods deliver innovative bass fishing performance.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Offering innovative American-made performance, the Big Bear 2015 Series Casting Rods feature premium blanks and components, including patented Big Bear Grips - for superior sensitivity and grip in all weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

Comments: These are some of the best rods I have ever used , I have three and plan on buying more.    

From: Lenny: Chino Hills, CA

Comments: The Big Bear rods I own are gold to me.  I initially had a concern about sensitivity but after using the first one, I am 4 rods into changing over.  I just ordered my wife a custom microwrap in purple and black (Favorite color) bc of how light these rods are.  Take my word, these rods will blow in popularity the more guys are able to use them.  GREAT RODS!!!

From: Javaris: Acworth, GA

Comments: I ordered the 7'3" 3/4hvy rod matched it with a lews tournament pro speed spool and it is the lightest rod and reel combo I have. I caught a 5lb+ LM on it on the first outing with it and fell in love. I have only been fishing it for about two weeks but, already know I will be buying more Big Bears. It is super light and sensitive, yet does not feel fragile. I bought this rod for frogs and casting jigs and cannot wait for the frog bite to start. The grip is very impressive, it definately increases accuracy, and not to mention, looks cool too. Excellent rod and at a very reasonable price considering the features and quality.....Love it

From: Jake: Philadelphia, PA

Comments: I have been tournament fishing for over 25 years and have used many different brands of fishing rods. I finally found one brand that covers all my needs. This is the only brand of rod that is in my boat and I will be purchasing more of these rods. This is hands down the finest fishing rod I have ever used and when you factor in the price in comparison to other brands of equal quality it makes this rod the best value on the market. This rod will make you a better fisherman because it will improve your presentations with casting accuracy and consistency.

From: Gary: Georgia

Comments: Absolutely fantastic rods, if you need a rod for power fishing these are the ticket!  The grips have to be felt to be fully appreciated!  It is downright disappointing to pick up another rod at this point.  The balance and actions are absolutely superb, especially the heavier rods.  Big Bear makes the finest flipping rod I have ever used and there is not another rod out there that I would have in my boat!

From: Zach: GA

Comments: I love the tech. I still prefer my abu garcia verdict but that is bcuz it has a good blank. Kistler has a spiral wrapped option for their rods which i would have done if i could afford a kistler. Ok so the grip is stellar and the guides rule. The blank is not powerful or sensitive enough for me but is is worth the money. But seriously, if u got like 500 bucks then u shud get a custum kistler with spiral guides that are like super duper of whatever. Good rod worth $250

Comments: Big Bear Rods have to be the best rods on the market. The grip makes these rods  super comfortable and tons of control. Big Bear Rods has amazing customer service.

From: Caleb: Cleveland, TN

Comments: Bought my first Big Bear Rod 3 years ago. Now that's all I have on my boat. They are strong, super sensitive and I love the grip. Best rods for the money by far.

From: Jack: Watkinsville, GA

Comments: These rods are absolutely amazing! These rods bring rod making to the next level! I have 9 of these rods and would not trade them for anything.  Bought my first ones 3 years ago and they are still going strong.  If you need a flipping rod or frogging rod Big Bear is by far the best!  They are also good at customizing rods and actions as I have had custom sizes and actions done by them.  Give one a try you will not be disappointed

From: Matt: USA

Comments: Really great rods, I have put a couple in my boat and they have quickly became my favorite. Customer service has been exceptional. I like everything about the rods and I have had zero issues. Try one out, you won't be disappointed.

From: Byron: Griffin, GA

Comments: Best rod ever, support and grip along with feel unmatched

From: Dave: Cedar Rapids, IA

Comments: These rods are awesome!  The grips are like no other rod you have ever tried.  The rods are extremely light, sensitive and pack a punch.  You won't be disappointed.

From: Mike: Watkinsville, GA

Comments: I have had these rods for several years now and love them. They are light, very accurate and the most sensitive rods to feel the light bites. These are also the most comfortable rods to hold due to there special made grips that can not be described without holding one. Rob the owner has always bent over backwards for costumer service. Put one or two of these rods in your boat today, you will not be disappointed.

From: Brent: Illinois, USA

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