Combining the best features of a tube and a crawfish style bait, the Big Bite Baits Bio Bait Craw Tubes are also loaded with Bio Bait for added fish attraction. A revolutionary biodegradable formula, Bio Bait releases scent into the water at a much higher rate than other formulas. It’s proven to attract largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as other gamefish, and make them bite down longer - for better hooksets. Available in a variety of colors, the Big Bite Baits Bio Bait Craw Tubes are soft yet durable to last longer and catch more fish.

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4" 8

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Customer Reviews

Comments: As Tristan said these work great for walleye too. I was throwing them texas rigged on a 4/0 EWG weighted hook and just twitching them across the bottom. The walleye were hammeriing them and so were the pike. They are greasy but the fish seem to love them and they hold up pretty well even against the toothy fish I was catching.

From: Brandon: Moosomin Sask, Canada

Comments: Nice bait, I've caught a few decent walleye on it. Only thing I can complain about is the oil it's smothered in. But, hey, if the fish like it, so do I.

From: Tristan: Roseville, MI

Comments: these are best for the price anyone asking how they work they work AMAZING!! i used a screw lock jig head for this it stands up and has awesome action buy some you'll be happy just don't leave them in the cold

Comments: I don't know how well these work but just seem to be copies of Lake Fork's craw tube, which perform outstanding. Release bubbles on the drop bass can't stand.

Comments: Bought a few bags of these, and I'm curious to see what will happen. Texture is odd at first, and hard to get a hook into because of the oily scent mix. I'm hoping the action will be better than what I've seen so far (I bet it will be, because I've only used it in water around freezing temperatures). Stayed stiff, but I left it on my rod, and it seems to have softened a bit. Overall, I'm very excited to use it. You can definitely make a few adjustments to make it suit your needs. 1.50? I'll try it. And it's eco friendly.

From: Chris: MA

Comments: Material is a little thick and diameter of tube is slightly larger which is fine if material tore a little easier but its pretty tough so getting a good hook set is not super easy.  Lots of attractant though but its pretty messy.  The lock portion that holds backs shuts rips pretty easy so make sure to take care when opening.  And lastly, these things are biodegradable so if you store them for over approx. 6 months (after opening) they start to kind of breakdown, still useable though. 

From: Matt: Arlington, MA

Comments: Just got this bait in today.  Looks great out of the package. I see it working very well for flippin'.  For the price it is at now ($1.50) I would say it's stupid not to buy 'em.

From: John: Springfield, IL

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