Biobait is a formula that releases scent at a higher rate than traditional plastic baits; the ingredients are naturally derived, biodegradable, and will not shrink or dry out when exposed to air. Biobait soft plastics are marinated in naturally derived fish attractants and is biodegradable. Biobait releases scent into the water at a much higher rate than traditional plastic. There are no fish repelling chemicals within the bait, therefore fish bite it and wont let go.

Big Bite Baits has partnered with BASS pro Jeff Kriet to develop the Kriet Kreature. The Kriet Kreature offers a ribbed body, accompanied by two curly tails and flappers. The Kriet Kreature offers great action and is sure to catch any fish's attention. This versatile bait can be flipped, pitched or Carolina rigged.

"Traveling across the country I encounter many different water conditions and situations, I designed these baits and colors to catch fish anywhere in the US".
-Jeff Kriet

Length Quantity
4" 10
6" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: for 1.11$ your crazy not to buy every color. I have three and will be buying them all. I cut the 6", 6 to 8 ribs from the tail and now they are used as trailers for my jigs and spinnerbaits. I don't see any soft plastics at this price with two different actions.  Add two or three colors to your next tackle warehouse purchase. You won't regret it.

From: Nathaniel: CA 2/22/15

Comments: I don't like the ribbed body. It makes for hard hooking and bad hook up ratio's. but still catches fish a lot. And way to much scent and to wet with scent.

From: Matt: USA

Comments: I had a pack of these and used them all in a short amount of time. The bass just simply LOVE THEM!! They have allot of action. I caught some fish reeling it on top of the water getting blowups.

From: Johnathon: AL

Comments: I havn't used these but I wanted to say I wish all baits where biodegradable. I imagine the fish that swallow plastics wish this too. Let's hope they continue to improve upon the introduction and types of the baits.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: got some of these and really no room to complain when the price is a 1.50$ but i never really was the type to like ribbed worms or anyhting ribbed because its touogh to center the hook because there is not enough meat in the middle but it does hold the hook well, i fish this giant wood pile 65 lb braid alll day with just 1 of these and cught some giant bass until it finnaly fell off very durable fish love it great action amazing

From: Jake

Comments: this bait is crap, stored a unopened new pack in my bassin' bag until needed, finally got the chance to use and the baits were really dry and covered in a maple syrup type goo, there is for sure a flaw in the biobait formula, its a shame because i really liked the design of this bait, thumbs down

From: Byls: Las Vegas, NV

Comments: This bait will catch you fish. the 4"is very slender, not much meat in the middle of it where you bury teh hook in, but over all great bait!

From: Dylan: Small Town, USA

Comments: Good bait, use for a change of pace from a worm and it will definitely get bit. Caught an eight pounder on this bait and many more nice fish.

From: Roger: Las Cruces, NM

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