Biobait is a formula that releases scent at a higher rate than traditional plastic baits; the ingredients are naturally derived, biodegradable, and will not shrink or dry out when exposed to air. Biobait soft plastics are marinated in naturally derived fish attractants and is biodegradable. Biobait releases scent into the water at a much higher rate than traditional plastic. There are no fish repelling chemicals within the bait, therefore fish bite it and wont let go.

Big Bite Baits has partnered with BASS pro Jeff Kriet to develop the Kriet Tail Worm. The Kriet Tail Worm is designed with a stickworm style body and a special tail that swims at any speed. The Kriet Tail Worm excels when fished in grass, wood or ledges.

-Check out the Product Video link below the image to see Jeff Kreit discuss the Big Bite Baits Bio Bait Kriet Tail Worm

"This is the best worm that I have ever used".
-Jeff Kriet

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6" 8
10" 8

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this is one of my go to worms except I bought a gander exclusive that I can't find anymore it is a blue craw color that has blue swirls in a green pumpkin worm... If you find this worm get them all!!

From: John: In 

Comments: These worms are very unique i will be buying more soon. I throw these on a 4/O hook (vmc) and either weightless, 1/16 oz weight or a 1/2 oz flippin weight through heavy cover. These displace a lot of water buy these and youll never want 10 in worms again!!

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: If you liked the Yamamoto 10" grubs you will like these. These are great worms and will put fish in the boat, especially at night.

From: Cheatham: Fay, AR

Comments: nastiest smelliest oily bait on market defenetly buy this is great bass love em so smelly oil i had to spray febreze in my room 2 times good oil bass love buy this

From: Ashton: albany,OR

Comments: great bait i got watermelon red flake 6" and got two 10" bass in 4casts

From: Kerando: Westbrook, Maine

Comments: Wow! These are so much bigger than I expected! 5 stars for sure, awesome action!

From: Tristan: Roseville, MI

Comments: Steve from New Jersey is right- this is NOT gulp...much more of a TRUE plastic consistency..if u weren't told it was bio-degradable baits, u'd never even know. It's just scented strong and oily and like regular plastic other than that. The scent isn't too too strong to me...for $1.49 I'd go with these. If it was gulp, i wouldnt, I hate gulp. I'm not a big believe in scents doing a whole lot other than mask our tobacco/suntan lotion/bug spray/food/general "human" scents.

From: Tanner: Cape Cod, MA

Comments: If you're considering buying Gulp products- don't.  Buy this instead.  Yes, it has an oily juice in the bag.  Yes it has a smell.  But- here's the difference between this and gulp.  This doesn't stink obnoxiously and it won't leak all over your bag.  The smell is a blend between a crawfish, cocoa/coffee and something else- not an unpleasant smell at all.  I used the 6" worm in tilapia on a bright, sunny day with rising pressure after rains and this was the only thing that worked.  Water was muddy and I have to believe the scent worked.  Great action on the worm, sinks on the pause like a senko/stickbait with the added tail action.  Great lure and am going to buy more packs. 

From: Steve: Princeton, NJ

Comments: They do catch fish, however, if you can put up with the Bio Bait heavy scent, you'll have no problem. I ordered these and then ordered the regular Kriet Tail worms. Both catch fish but the Bio Bait scent is not for me. I guess this is why they are always on sale.

From: Tom: Somers Point, NJ

Comments: this bait was recommended to me so i gave them a try i can say with confidence that this curly tail worm is the best i have used.

From: TX

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