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Loaded with Bio Bait, a revolutionary biodegradable formula proven to attract largemouth and smallmouth, as well as, other species of game fish, the Big Bite Baits Bio Bait Trick Stick delivers the proven stick bait, do-nothing action that bass and anglers love - now with added fish attraction. The baits won’t dry out or shrivel when exposed to air either. Available in a range of colors, Texas-rig or wacky rig the Big Bite Baits Bio Bait Trick Stick for best results - and let the bait go to work.

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5" 10

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These fish pretty much like a Senko for MUCH less money. They might be a little less durable than a Senko. Be aware that all the "bio" versions of Big Bite Baits I have received smell like pig vomit to a human.

From: Dave: Mankato, MN

Comments: Re-Review. Before, I said that these were ok. Theyre actually the best you can next to a Senko. man i slay em with these. Best to date on this bait is a 4 pounder in a NY pond. solid bait at an even more solid price. man i love these.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: These worms are a great product. Even if they were full price they would still be a good value. In the list of stick baits I've bought these are number 3, but for value they are number 1. They fish well texas and wacky, but i'd say they're primarily good for texas rigging.

From: Andrew: New Brunswick, NJ

Comments: when you get tired of yamamoto at $7 a pop, go with big bite. You can't beat the value. I do believe yamamoto IS more effective, wobbles better BUT this stick bait will last a few bass on each compared to yamamoto tearing too easily. I just hope tackle warehouse keeps these prices. Thank you TW

From: bass-o-matic: New York, New York

Comments: I can't get over the amazing results I get with this worms. They work as good as the best stick worms out there and at this price I can not let them go by. Every order I put on TWH I get like 5 different packs and will do so until they run out! They fish more like the dinger and catch a lot of fish for me!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: This things are awsome! Great durability,and catch fish like the best stick worms do,plus cheap as dirt,at a 1.50 y just ordered 12 bags in assorted colors!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: BUY THEM!!!!!! These worms absolutely slay bass.  They have a crazy scent release that are gross but the fish love it!  for 1.50$ u gotta get them.

From: Nate: NH

Comments: Buy them! THEY ARE RIDICULOUS! They may not be as fat as yamamoto's but the consistency is comparable to a dinger. Very heavily oiled, but come on. IT'S 1.49 FOR SENKOS! BUY EM UP! 5 OUT OF 5 FOR SURE!

Comments: At 1.50 a pack...you really cant go wrong. But they really do work well and I like using them. Every order you make, just grab a few packs. Ive boght 10 or so so far and I will definiteley continue to. Do yourself a favor and get some trick sticks.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: When I first saw them I wasn't sure how they would perform being that they are biodegradable. I got a pack and man these are great worms! They don't shrivel up, they're extremely durable too - i'm talking at least 10 fish a worm. They do sink just a smidge faster than others ive used, but that hasnt affected its fish catching abilities at all.  People get a pack of these and you will fall in love just as I have.

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: really great bait only bought one just to see if it was good or not should have bought more .......4/5

From: Yang: Fresno, CA

Comments: Excellent baits. Absolutly destroyed some pre spawn bass on the Watermelon Seed. Texas rigged throwin on the beds. Held up very well (10-15 fish per worm) Easily hooked into 20 fish on a slow day.

From: Jon: O'side

Comments: this bait is not good its not durable and has terrible action i would not recomend this to anyone

Comments: i don't know about the rest of you people out there but i love wacky rigging and when i saw these for 2 bucks i bought like 5 packs and man they work just because they are biodegradable doesn't me they don't last they do 10-15 fish if you have the o rings so the bait doesn't tare or rip!!! great bait 10 out of 10 for sure

From: Kyle: Itasca, IL

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