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When you need a frog that can move over thick, matted vegetation, the Big Bite Baits Buzz Toad is up to the task. To help it resist snagging, the Big Bite Baits Buzz Toad is built with a deep belly hook slot, and a shallow groove along the back that keeps the hook point hidden, yet readily exposed when bass strike. The twin paddle feet of the Big Bite Baits Buzz Toad deliver a strong kicking action that sputters across the water and calls bass up from the depths. For even more fish attracting power, the Big Bite Baits Buzz toad is covered with a natura texture and infused Big Bite Baits’ delicious Bite Juice. Additionally, the animated kicking legs of the Big Bite Baits Buzz Toad can even be utilized as a swim jig trailer to entice bass below the surface as well. Next time you’re fishing and want a good buzz – try the Big Bite Baits Buzz Toad. 

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Comments: So Big Bite Bought the old Yum Buzz Frog Mold... Finally it has been brought back!

From: Mike: NJ, USA

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