The Big Bite Baits Gamakatsu Tube Heads feature super sharp Gamakatsu hooks - and are available for a great price. Simply slide the jig head through the tube's opening, it can accommodate a variety of different tube baits. The heads' vertical line tie also helps your tubes slip through grass and vegetation with fewer snags. Available in a range of sizes, the Big Bite Baits Gamakatsu Tube Heads do it all for a more affordable price.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a great tube head. I fish it on a casting rig with a 3.5 to 4inch tube, and have had no issue. Got third place n the BASS federation nation state championship, and only lost two fish. It doesnt snag to bad, either. One critique would be lighter wire hook. Overall great setup!

From: vRob: CO

Comments: It's a tube insert head, nothing more, nothing less.  I have no clue who thinks that this thick of a hook is good, especially when fishing for smallmouth in 30+ feet of water with spinning gear. Thinner wire hook should be in order.

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