When soft plastic manufactures mold different colors, it may take a few runs to bleed out the previous color. Instead of doing away with or throwing out the “impure” baits, Big Bite Bait is now bringing them to market. Stick baits are one of the most versatile, effective, and widely used baits in bass fishing. Sometimes referred to as do-nothing baits, just Texas-rig or wacky rig them and let the bait go to work. Their natural action on the fall will attract the fish year around. Available in a variety of colors, the Big Bite Baits Trick Sticks are soft yet durable to last longer and catch more fish.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I live in Texas and fish senkos religiously all year round. Besides the price being dirt cheap I like the durability of these baits. The Big Bite Trick Sticks last a lot longer than Yamamotos, Yum Dingers & KVD senkos. So go ahead and stock up on the green pumpkin, watermelon red & chartreuse pepper's!

From: Justin: Dallas, TX 5/22/15

Comments: I bought 2 bags because of the price. Going to buy a bunch more because they work and for such a low price you can't go wrong. Every area is different, but here on the lower Colorado River the fish are biting this bait (Pumpkin Red Flake).

From: Lyle: Blythe CA. USA

Comments: I found one left at the dock one day, used it and caught a lunker.  I do love the Senkos but you can't beat this price.  I've purchased many since.  Excellent product.

From: Kevin: Long Island & PA

Comments: There on sale cheap, get bit, why not but some, I guarantee they will catch you a dollar fifty worth of bass.

From: Trey

Comments: I really don't like these... at all. Extremely little viable wobble when compared to a YUM Dinger or Yamasenko. IN my opinion, save yourself the money in the long run and just go with the dingers.

From: Sam: Shawano, WI

Comments: These baits work well. I've used them and pulled out many bass with them. Not many in the pack so I tend to wacky rig with the o-ring and they last, unless the fish steals it off of the hook. I prefer the darker colors.

From: Trey: Royal Palm Beach, FL

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