Whether it is used on a Carolina-rig, Texas-rig, or magnum shakey head, the Big Bite Baits Needle Worm produces a lively wiggling action that will have bass everywhere begging for a taste. For easy rigging, the Big Bite Baits Needle Worm is built with a meaty front section that tapers into an incredibly active, slender tail. With the slightest rod twitch, the tail of the Big Bite Baits Needle Worm goes wild with action to grab the attention of any nearby fish. Infused with Big Bite Baits’ Bite Juice, the Big Bite Baits Needle Worm will definitely put your culling system to the test.   

Length Quantity
8" 5

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great worm with great action! I had this one rigged weightless with a 3/0 hook and slayed them. Pumpkin seed and green pumpkin were the colors and I dipped in the tip of the tail in JJ's magic chartreuse. Bass loved it!

From: Chandler: Marietta, GA 5/27/14

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