Big Bite Baits Sugar Cane Worm 10pk

Big Bite Baits Sugar Cane Worm 10pk

The Big Bite Baits Sugar Cane Worm is part of BASS Elite Series pro, Dean Rojas’ signature line of baits. Featuring a large paddle tail with a raised “V” on one side to help it trap more water, the Sugar Cane's body tapers down to a smaller diameter near the tail, and specially cut grooves help provide maximum paddle tail action. Loaded with Big Bite Attractant as well, it also features a built in hook pocket so there is less plastic for your hook point to go through on hooksets. Available in multiple effective colors, the Big Bite Baits Sugar Cane Worm is a versatile bait that works across the country, and the one Dean Rojas uses - to attract that Big Bite.

Length Quantity
5" 10
7" 10

7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They work yall. Plain and simple. I like em on a 1/8 oz owner finesse shaky jig head with fluro leader. If you get it where they can see it, or feel it, they will eat it. Watermelon red flake in the stained pond I fish in is my go to color.

From: Chuck: N. Bergen, NJ 8/21/14

Comments: When the Shaking Squirrel isn't getting bit, do yourself a favor and try these. The tail kicking on the fall drives bass crazy. Most of the time the first twitch will be heavy. Good luck!

From: David: Bowling Green, Ky

Comments: love this bait..used it on lake anna and potomac river. works great and last for numerous fish

From: Big John: Stafford VA  USA

Comments: Wicked awesome paddletail!! I use these and the Lake Fork Hyper worm depending on clarity, the little tail just beats like crazy and fish just crush them!

From: Zach: GA

Comments: WOW ! The first cast I made with these worms It got crushed by a bedding fish but I broke off on the hook set. I sat down in the boat pissed and rigged another and made another cast to the bed just for the hell of it and she smashed it again and this time I caught her and got my first worm and hook back. The fish could not stand that wide tail waving in her face ! great bait back on here to buy more ! OH vegas was the color in the 5 inch !

From: Debeaux: Myrtle Beach, SC

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