Big Hammer 7" Hammer Swimbait - $6.29 to $7.69

Delivering a hard-fluttering tail action, the Big Hammer 7" Hammer Swimbait tempts, tantalizes, and terrorizes big bass with an undeniably effective baitfish imitation. A powerhouse on salt or freshwater, the Big Hammer 7" Hammer Swimbait features a profile and an pounding paddle tail that all bass love, from calico-to-smallmouth. Offered in a number of in-depth colors, the Big Hammer 7" Hammer Swimbaits are sure to help you put a nail in the coffin of big fish and the competition. 

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Black Magic
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Big Hammer 7

10 Available Colors

  • Black Magic
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  • Blue Phantom
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  • Grinch
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  • Grunion
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  • Midnight Phantom
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  • Pearl
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  • Reckless Toast
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  • Red Calico Hunter
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  • Saras Shad
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  • Silver Shad
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