Built with an incredibly durable, solid-plastic body, the Bikini Bait Company TurmoilX Jerkbait/Glide Bait delivers an extra-wide gliding action that will entice bites from big bass, striper, and even muskie. The secret behind the Bikini Bait Company TurmoilX Jerkbait/Glide Bait’s action is its Lexan tail, which allows it glide from side-to-side 2-3 feet in each direction. The Lexan tail also gives it an added stability that makes it ideal for ripping like a jerkbait. With a rate of fall of 1-foot/second, the Bikini Bait Company TurmoilX Jerkbait/Glide Bait is great for targeting fish in a wide range of depths. Built entirely from high-quality components, the Bikini Bait Company TurmoilX Jerbkait/Glide Bait gives anglers an easy-to-manipulate action that works wonders around a wide array of game fish.

Bikini Bait Company is a family-run business located in Washington State that has built a strong following by providing high-quality, hand-made lures. From start-to-finish, the Bikini Bait Company manufactures every bait themselves to ensure that each one meets their high standards. Whether you’re looking to bag that bass of a lifetime or a monstrous musky, the lures from Bikini Bait Company can help bring your angling dreams to fruition. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've been using the Avenger the last 2 years on Ky Lake when the water gets into the flooded buck brush. It is simply the best overall bait I have tried. It's a perfect size, lots of action and very durable. I've flipped just about every beaver style bait there is and I now try the Avenger before any others. Green Pumpkin and Knockout cover all color needs.

From: Dean: Apple Valley, MN 4/20/15

Comments: One of the best Glider Out there! Glides a freaking mile! Absolutely worth the Money!!!

From: Marcel: Switzerland 12/19/14

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