The Bill Lewis Pro Trap is back by popular demand and is better than ever. The Pro Trap bait will hold the stick on that kicker fish when your money and pride are on the line. Upon the hookset, the Pro Trap body will slide up the line away from the Set-Lok hook and prevent even the hardest fighting fish from using the lure weight as leverage to shake the hook loose. The new reflex red Set-Lok hook on the slide line ensures an express delivery for your Kicker to the scales.

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait is my go to when a tournament is on the line. With the "line-through" design I have had very few bass throw this bait, unlike the standard trap. I only wish they would carry it in more colors.

From: Zach: St. Cloud, FL 1/8/15

Comments: I do NOT like this bait at all. By having the spinner on the back of the lure, you are decreasing your chances of catching fish. You only have one treble hook. The fish have to either swallow the lure or swipe it at the nose end of the bait. If you are going to buy a lure like this, just spend a little extra money and get the Lucky Craft LV Spin. It's far superior. Just rig your regular rattle traps up like this instead of buying this one

From: Ben: Middletown, OH 9/29/14

Comments: The spinner blade is not the only difference between this and a regular Trap.  This is a "line-through" Trap.  When the fish is hooked, the bait will slide up the line so the fish cannot use it as leverage to throw the hook.  Works very well, just wish they carried more colors.

From: Dan: Valrico, FL

Comments: Well you don't need to buy THIS lure to get this effect.  I have four traps that I rigged like this but I used larger willow blades, and man did it catch fish.  I love the idea, and I loved the results.  As a matter of fact, I am going to do this on some other crank and rip baits as well...value added.  Great idea, but with only 2 colors to choose from and such a small blade, customize any lure you want with what ever blade size shape and color you want.

From: Pete: Cleveland, Ohio

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