When confronted with heavily pressured lakes and hard to catch fish, the Bill Lewis Vibra Trap is your answer. It allows you to power fish and cover a lot of water under finesse conditions. With the heavily weighted, compact Vibra Trap you can stay back from skittish fish and cast great distances to them, all while fishing deeper with a smaller profile. Its FPA (Fleeing Prey Action) provides the most lifelike action of any lipless bait, and its tungsten-loaded power chamber beats like a drum on a fish's lateral lines. Violent strikes are inevitable.

Bill Lewis Length Weight
Vibra Trap 3" 5/8oz

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great Sound. Nothing like it on the market that I know of.  Deep base sound.  The 1st day I fished with a chrome/blue I caught a 7 even on it.  That was on Christmas Eve Day. 

From: Chris: Conway, SC

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