Bill Norman DD22 Silent Crankbaits

Bill Norman DD22 Silent Crankbaits

Silent crankbaits are great for picking off highly pressured or finicky bass, and now you can get down to the deep ones, too - with the Bill Norman DD22 Silent Crankbait.  Identical to the original - the only difference being the absence of a rattle - the Norman DD22 Silent features a durable, brilliant finish and a long bill that gets it down quickly to the 15-18 ft range.  Available in a range of colors to help match your fishing conditions, the Bill Norman DD22 Silent Crankbait now adds stealth to its proven fish catching ability.

Norman Lures Length Weight Depth
DD22 Silent 3" 5/8-oz 15-18ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

25 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It's just a straight up winner! Price, Quality and Color selection, you can't go wrong.

Comments: HAHA I remember seeing pimped out 'custom' Normans with the rattles subdued at Bass World West for like 23 bucks. Now you can get em for fie dolla!

From: Meatwad: out of town

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