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An excellent shallow water crankbait, the Norman Mad N features a coffin lip perfect for deflecting off of cover. Flared gills, 3D eyes and brilliant finishes deliver added realism, and the Mad N also produces an enticing, erratic action akin to that of a fleeing bait fish. Perfect for those times when fish are actively feeding in the shallows, the Bill Norman Mad N Crankbait is available in a variety of detailed and realistic color offerings.

Bill Norman Length Weight Dive Depth
Mad N 2" 3/8oz 2-5ft

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Bill Norman Mad N Crankbaits

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  • Bluegill
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  • Chart.-Brn-Orange
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  • Chartreuse Shad
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  • Chartreuse SX Shad
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  • Chili Bowl
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  • Gold SX Shad
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  • Red Ear
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  • Sunfish
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  • SX Shad
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  • Zucchini
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Customer Reviews Back to Top

Comments: awesome crank bait !catches bluegill to ,great for summer cranking and early fall fishing

From: Dale: Montgomery, AL

Comments: This is a solid little bait. Great finish and great compact design. The action is wonderful causing these little baits to work when others won't.

From: FearNoFish: PA

Comments: Very good Crankbait, but like the other feedback, they don't run as true as expected out the package.  But a little tweaking and they run great.  Caught a bunch of Bass and Red Fish on the Chartreuse one.

From: Kenny: Navarre, FL


Pro: They're affordable, catch fish and are pretty durable.

Con: They don't run straight out of the package and don't like running at really high speeds. Hooks are decent, but too big ÑÊneed to downsize at least one of them, otherwise they constantly tangle on the cast.

From: Erik: Bakersfield, CA

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