Bill Norman Thin N Crankbaits - $4.99 to $5.29

The Norman Thin N Crankbait features a narrow, slab-sided design, which provides it with a tight, seductive, wobbling action on the retrieve. The coffin-style lip also contributes to the bait's action and allows the Thin N to deflect off cover and stay balanced, enticing more strikes. A clear gel coat finish also provides excellent durability, trip after trip. Great for shallow water fishing and available in a variety of proven patterns, the combination of the Bill Norman Thin N's unique action and detailed finishes make it a proven winner.

Norman Length Weight Depth
Thin N  2" 3/8oz 2-5ft

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Bill Norman Thin N Crankbaits

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  • Apocalypse
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  • Apparition
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  • Bluegill
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  • Bull Bream
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  • Chartreuse Shad
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  • Chartreuse SX Shad
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  • Gold SX Shad
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  • Jelly Bean
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  • Nutter Shad
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  • Red Ear
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  • Sunfish
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  • SX Shad
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  • Tilapia
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Comments: This is a fantastic bait. Fished it for the first time this morning at a fairly pressured local pond and was very impressed. Caught 3 bass in a cpl hours on this after failing with a carolinia rig, flipping a biffle bug, and a wacky rigged worm. This bait produced where kvd and lucky craft square bills would not. Was also fishing 85+ degree water and they couldn't help but take a swipe at it. Great wobble to this bait. Although mine ran great out of the package, if it doesnt, tweak the eye with your pliers a little and ur ready to rock and roll. Split rings and hooks could be a little stronger but can tell that the gel coat on this will be able to take a beating. My new favorite square bill. Bluegill color was great. can't wait to try some other colors.

From: Craig: savannah ga

Comments: This one is a sleeper, guys! Ive caught bass on these from the Ca Delta to ponds down in the Yuma AZ area on the Slick and Suicide colored baits. Great action, although they might require slight tuning out of the box. And I see that my favorite colors are no longer in stock at TW! That should be a sign of a good bait, shouldnt it???

From: Ricky: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: Yes, some lures do not run correctly right out of the package. As with all $5.00 lures. And I replace the cheap stock hooks as well. As with all $5.00 lures. But after new trebbles and 60 seconds of tuning in this lure you have a serious fish catching weapon. While it was probably an unintentional desgin by the Bill Norman lure company, it's almost as if this lure has an interanal wight chamber like the $15.00 lures. This thing cast like a champ. Sick, sick colors too. A true workhorse bait. 

From: Ben: Gainsville, FL

Comments: horrible lure, just bought 6 and everyone runs sideways...never again..great colors though.

From: John: NY

Comments: Very efficient bait for a different look.  I will use it many times to go back through an area after I have fished traditional square billed crankbaits.  Very tight wiggle with a good hunting action.  Catches large crappie as well.

From: Jim: Woodstock, GA

Comments: Nice lure, been catchin' a lot of smallies on a local river with the red ear color. good tight wobble on the retrieve, would definitely recommend this one!

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