The Bill Norman Top Dollar is a topwater lure which is effective when fished in a walk-the-dog manner. With the profile of a baitfish, the Top Dollar spits water and pops when twitched during the retrieve. The Top Dollar also has a rear weight transfer system, which helps account for the lure's enticing action and also allows you to cast it farther.

 Norman Length Weight Class
Top Dollar 3" 3/8oz Surface

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure rip the delta bass like surprised to catch more top water bass with this lure and the action is just great....I'd out beat my friends using this lure against their crankbait anytime all sizes....

From: Lil_jess: Sacramento, ca USA

Comments: Probably the best inexpensive top water on the market and possibly the best regardless of price.

Cons: Throws erratically at times because of flat sides. Hooks need to be upgraded to Daiichi or Lucky Craft hooks. Fortunately, the bait is so cheap, the modifications are affordable.

Pros: Throw it and pause like it's a popper. Twitch it once, twice, then start walking. Walks erratically with odd direction changes and splashes. At times it goes subsurface and keeps walking. I have had two different 50 fish days on this bait and numerous limit mornings.

From: rps: Table Rock Lake, MO

Comments: This lure is great. I was fishing with it out of the back of my buddy's boat the other day while he was fishing with a Zara Spook  and he was making fun of the way this lure looked. Well after I caught a couple fish on it and he was still trying to get a bite he was asking me for one of these. This bait makes a lot of commotion and stays in the strike zone longer then most topwater lures. It's almost like combining a Pop-r and a spook all in one. This is a wonderful lure.

From: Travis: Winchester, TN

Comments: This lure may look a little goofy or "gimmicky", however it REALLY walks the dog easily and this funky front lip design really seems to toss water left and right as you work the thing.  I REALLY enjoyed throwing this lure and FAR worth the under $5.00 price tag !!!!!

From: Pskirner: Cleveland, OH

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