The Bill Norman Triple Wing Buzzbait delivers more lift than ordinary single-blade style buzzbaits, and it also run a little slower thanks to the extra blade on the prop. The ability to slow down your presentation while still creating enticing sound and splash on the water's surface maximizes your time in the strike zone, and also creates an easier target for bass to key in on - resulting in fewer misses. Still extremely weedless, the Triple Wing Buzzbait is another solid performer from Norman Lures available at a great price.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of the few triple winged buzzbaits left.  You cannot do better when you want your buzzbait to go SLOW.  Since that is what you want most of the time, this is a great bait.  Especially good for big bass.

From: Dean: MN

Comments: Worked good for one night and then the blades came apart the second night I tried it.

From: Tyler: SE, MN

Comments: if u drill a small hole in the blades in the middle it adds more bubbles which the fish loive

From: John: Omaha, Nebraska

Comments: I have caught more big bass on this buzz bait then any other buzzbait . I love the black even in the daytime sunny or cloudy . it comes through the lilies and other topwater veggy just gr8 . Plus you can not beat the price !!!!!

From: James: Whitinsville, MA

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