Great in open water, the Bill Norman WeedWalker really excels when retrieved over weeds and moss. The lure’s unique design causes the hook to ride up which makes it virtually weedless, and its paddle wheel prop generates fish attracting sound and splash. A silicon skirt provides additional action and helps hide the WeedWalker’s VMC hook. Available in several bass-attracting colors, the Bill Norman WeedWalker is a unique and effective lure perfect for targeting bass in and around vegetation.

Bill Norman Length Weight Class
WeedWalker 4" 1/4oz Topwater
WeedWalker 4-1/2" 1/2oz Topwater

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I've been fishing this bait for yrs..great in heavy cover..bass smash it...

From: Dennis: Boyertown, PA

Comments: Awesome in weeds and open water. Casts great with few hang ups. It has a different sound to it< almost like a small buzzbait. Hooked up on a good bass in less than ten casts my first time using it. Will be buying more!!

From: David: Jackson, Ohio

Comments: *UPDATE #2*
Contacted Bill Norman, they were more then happy to help and offered to send me three replacement weed walkers, i asked if they could send a different lure and two weed walkers instead of 3 weed walkers and they agreed so im getting 2 weed walkers and a flat broke (even though the flat broke is more expensive then the weed walkers) Very happy with the customer service, will definitely be buying Norman Lures again!

From: Larry: Cocoa, FL

Comments: *update* Just broke my second one of these, both from hardly hitting the ground, the second one i broke was brand new, just got it yesterday and it broke today. I loved this lure before the two times it broke, still like the lure but not sure if i would pay for another. I'm gonna see if I can get a replacement from TW

From: Larry: Cocoa, FL

Comments: Love this lure! pulls through the nastiest cover clean, never gets hung up. First couple casts with this caught my biggest bass to date, and from a roadside ditch. This bait is good for open water too, had a good strike open water just didnt get to set the hook. Very good lure for the money and design.

From: Larry: Cocoa, FL

Comments: I love this lure. generates ferocious strikes and can go anywhere! got one of my biggest, a 4.1lb large mouth on this.

From: Matt: Elmhurst, IL

Comments:  Caught my third biggest bass ever on this lure.. Caught a 5lbs 9oz at 2am in the morning in a river stream. I was twitching and reeling. Never had a HARD HIT like this 1 on any other lure 

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: A real classic.  It is one of the very best buzzbaits over heavy weeds.  Different sound.  Good for pressured waters.  Also, a great muskie throwback lure if they are in the reeds.

From: Dean: Apple Valley, MN

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