BioSpawn ExoStick XT 8pk

Unlike any other stickbait on the market, the BioSpawn ExoStick XT is engineered with a unique segmented body that makes it move and shake like nothing bass have ever seen before. Whether it's used on a drop shot, shaky head, or wacky-rig, the BioSpawn ExoStick XT delivers that little bit of extra wobbling and twitching that forces bass to strike. Infused with BioSpawn's exclusive BioScent, the Biospawn ExoStick XT gives anglers an enhanced action that is truly "exo-lent."

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2 Colors

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    Model No. BS-EXO-BRF-5
    Black Red Flk
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    5" 5+
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    Model No. BS-EXO-WSF-5
    White Silver Flk
    Size Stock Qty
    5" 4

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If you don't have these in your tackle box your missing out. Second and third cast i was bringing them in. Very durable even after the fifth largemouth it held up. You need to get these they wont let you down.

From: Mark: Saratoga Springs, NY 8/18/14

Comments: The Exostick gets it done when no other stick bait will. Very durable and wacky rigged is almost a guarantee of action. I highly recommend you give em a try you wont be disappointed!

From: Andy: Kingsport, TN 8/6/14

Comments: these are some of the best soft plastics ice used in a long time. They are perfect for just about everything. I use them most on a shakey head and have caught some pretty good sized largemouth.

From: Carson: Colleyville, TX 7/12/14

Comments: Before I knew about them on tackle warehouse I was following them in Instagram. The are just out of this world. I used them for the first time yesterday. Didn't catch fish but they are unique.  I just love the way they are soft and dance in the water. I got the "killer color" as we call it. Watermelon with red flake. Buy these you will not regret it.

From: Kade: Sebring, FL 7/4/14

Comments: BEST AND MOST VERSATILE BAIT ON THE MARKET!! You can Texas rig it, wacky rig it, shaky head, drop shot, etc. You can do it all with this bait and it works time after time. The action on this bait is second to none and the durability is way above standard. BioSpawn has created a one of a kind lure and hit a home run. Just take a look at all the positive feedback already. I personally live top wacky rig this bait with a weighed wacky rig hook. It's a slow tantalizing fall that bass can't ignore.  Both ends of the bait wobble slowly back and forth on the fall. Twitch it up and let it fall again. And hang on tight!

From: Drew: MO 7/2/14

Comments: Saw lots of good things about these and decided to give them a try. Caught 3 Bass in 45 minutes. They have lots of movement in the water and a unique shape the fish haven't seen before. I will be buying more.

From: Jamie: Beaumont, CA 6/24/14

Comments: I love the exostick! My go to for dropshotting. First because it catches a lot of bass with its unique design and action. And second because it doesn't get torn apart as easily as most of the other soft plastics on the market. Whether you throw shakey heads, dropshots,  or wacky rigs.  This is a must have in your finnese fishing arsenal.

From: Nick: NY 6/24/14

Comments: If you have been thinking about ordering these but havnt yet, you need to do it! These things are amazing , they work insanely well and it does give a lot of fish a "different" look instead of the same presentation. I actually fished these on a drop shot in a recent tournment and put up a fairly large bag just using this bait. They are extremely durable too, you can expect getting a few fish out of these before the bass shred them. Anyone that drop shots a lot knows all about losing baits, I got 5 fish on 1 bait. Awesome lure will buy more for sure. Can't wait to get my hands on some plasma tails.

From: Jeremy: MI 6/23/14

Comments: I have tried plenty of soft plastics out fishing and have never caught a lick of bass. Got my first Biospawn Exostick in a Mystery Tackle Box in Febuary of this year. I didn't even think of using them until I got short of baits last weekend fishing. Put my first one on whacky rigged and couldn't believe how awesome these baits were. Fished for about a 4 hours stretch with these and caught 55 large mouth ranging from 6in to 24in with the 24in being a 6lbs+. I'll never fish with a different soft plastic. Just ordered 5 packs and will keep ordering them till the bass stop hitting them

From: DJ: Dimondale, MI 6/23/14

Comments: What a great product the color and flake in this bait is simply amazing. The Color in this bait is unbeatable, and the flake when it hits the sun can bee seen from a mile away. There is a good amount of flake in their plastics and it is well distributed for a good color pattern. The action in this bait when even slightly twitched is huge, and can easily entice the most subtle bite. The ExoStick has a good weight to it so that it is easy to cast and easy to handle. After catching a few bass on this bait i was able to take a single section of the head of the bait down so that it would hold, and look the exact same as the first time i put it on the hook. I would suggest this to any angler looking for a new innovative product to the market that truly catches fish!

From: Cory: Indianapolis, IN 6/23/14

Comments: These worms have worked great so far ive caught about 16 bass off 7 worms and my three biggest were 2 1/2  a 3 pounder and one 5 1/2 this is in about 4 hrs of fishing and the last 2 are spots that get fairly decent fishing pressure love that june bug exostick.

From: Erik: West Palm Beach, FL 6/16/14

Comments: WOW! That's the first word to come to mind when I landed my hawgs on this bait. The exostick is incredible and I wouldn't want to fish any other stick type bait after this ... I fished it wacky style and also Texas rigged. I even fished this as a spinnerbait trailer. The way the exostick moves in the water is remarkable and unlike any other bait I've thrown. This is going to make a huge impact on the fishing market watch out for BIOSPAWN they're going to leave a mark.

From: Jake: Manalapan, NJ 6/11/14

Comments: I cant even begin to tell you how impressed with the exosticks I am. I fished for 12 Sunday and was throwing a green pumpkin Yamamoto Senko. Didn't have a hit the entire day. I was beating the bank and decided to travel light since most of my tackle is in the boat and organized for an upcoming tournament. I found a pack of the Biospawn worms and decided to switch to one of the Exosticks caught 13 bass in two hours. Only one was under 14 inches and I had a nice 4.5 pounder as well.

From: John: Old Forge, PA 6/10/14

Comments: The ExoStick is an incredible bait. Texas rigged weightless or with a 1/32oz bullet weight over grass, the bass can't resist. I recently gave several packs to some fellow anglers and their response was extremely positive. They all felt that these baits would become a main stay in their arsenal. I cant wait to see what other products BioSpawn offers in the near future. 

From: Daniel: Magnolia, TX 6/9/14

Comments: I used the Black with Red Flake. As a testament to the quality and action,  I was able to land over 35 fish on just 3 worms... two of which were 22" & 21" caught on back to back casts! Ended up using a lighter to melt them back together so I could keep the action going. I fished it Texas Rigged with no weight. The baits action is fantastic. Its gentle fall and subtle action was driving the bass nuts this Memorial day!

From: Christopher: Fostoria, OH 5/29/14

Comments: I received a 3 pack of the Watermelon Red flk in my Mystery Tackle Box this month and decided to try them while fishing in a bass tourney. I caught several fish with the 3 worms I had and even caught a nice catfish with it. The only bad thing I can say about it is that I didnt have more than the three worms to use. The fish that I caught with it, hit the worm very aggressively. I can say I am impressed with the lure after just one use!! I can definitely say I cant wait to order more!!

From: David: KY 5/26/14

Comments: Fished this wacky style the largemouth ate it up! Even some that weren't hooked kept a hold of it pretty long, I feel because of the awesome design can't wait to get more and go again!

From: Tyler: Pinellas, FL 5/22/14

Comments:  I just received this new soft bait last week, and I must say, I am VERY impressed. This "genetically engineered bait" is unlike anything I have used before. It's shape and color are VERY unique, and the BioScent technology makes it irresistible to fish--particularly bass. I have used this bait two different ways on the hook--as a stick bait for a wacky rig, and in a traditional worm style. Both are very effective ways to attract bass. I would like to thank the BioSpawn Lure Company for creating such an innovative bait, and I would love to see this available in more colors!

From: Matthew: Ruther Glen, VA 5/22/14

Comments: I had a long day on the water and this is the only lure I used. I had hit after hit after hit. I caught 11 fish and missed a lot more! I fished it weightless and let it sink with slight twitches. Fantastic lure!

From: Jivie: TX 5/18/14

Comments: I first used the Exo Stick out of a Mystery Tackle Box. In all honesty it was the first time I used a stick bait, just never liked fishing slow. But my mind has been changed. I used the Exo stick on an overcast day in the mid 60's, decently clear water, Texas rigged. I was pitching it about 10-15ft off the bank, and if I didn't get bit on the fall, twitched it a few times and came back with it. I think in the span of an hour I caught 4 or 5, and had many more hit it but miss the hook. I even had a little guy grab the tail and hold on even after I had him 3-4 ft out if the water. Never seen that before! I used it again the other day in a different pond and in 30 min had 3 decent sized bass and a crappie take it. All in all I'm sold on them! Great bait!

From: Adam: Sycamore, IL 5/16/14

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