BIG BAIT, small price!

The Black Dog Lunker Punker is a "Walk the Dog" bait. The Punker has a patented design that keeps the body working slowly across the surface mimicking a large bait fish. The bulk of this bait will push a lot of water, catching the attention of the big ones and bringing them up from the depths, while the action and finish of the bait, along with the feathered treble, will trigger savage strikes.

These Lunker Punkers have been designated "Blemished." That is, they have cosmetic imperfections that prevent Black Dog from selling them as regular stock. Tackle Warehouse was able to get these Punkers at a discounted price, and we are able to pass the savings on to you, while supplies last.

Lunker Punker Weight 6" 2.4oz 9" 3.5oz

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: When I got this bait it took me time to point out the blemishes and they dont affect the bait all i thought they made a mistake when the sent it to me do be scared buy this over the regular its just the same bait with a lower price

From: Jeremy: Atascadero, CA

Comments:Fantastic bait, black dog baits are the real deal for nailing the big bass and at half price you cant go wrong!!!!

From:Michael: Roseville, CA

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