Black Dog Fake Fish 3pk - $6.99

The Black Dog Baits Fake Fish is a realistic soft-bodied jerkbait from the makers of the famous Lunker Plunker.  Delivering a realistic darting action and profile, its tail collapses when ripped or twitched then opens up any time the bait is at rest.  A double hook-slot configuration also furnishes easy hook placement and unhindered hook penetration, and the Black Dog Baits Fake Fish is available in a several colors to tackle a variety of fishing conditions.

Length Quantity
5-1/2" 3

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Black Dog Fake Fish 3pk

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  • Ayu
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  • Black Dog Shad
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  • Bluegill
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  • Ghost Minnow
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  • Pearl White
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Comments: Threw this thing all day today. Love the bait, but hate the smell. They smell terrible, what I imagine rotten horseradish smells like. Other than that, its a great swimbait, and I will be getting more for sure.

From: Thomas: Charlotte, SC

Comments: caught 39 lbs on the river. These minners are the dookie.

From: Jimmy: Lexington, KY

Comments: glue the hook slot closed and then hook this texas style but hook it through the side so it swims on its sides like the new lateral baits,thats when this thing is DEADLY for me.take it down to the ledges or rock piles swimming it on its side like that and your sure to take in a limit in no time.

From: Sam: Chicago

Comments: If i had to choose one word it would be KILLER. I went fishing in some very clear water and started out throwing  a hard body swimbait, i want say what kind, but i never got a strike. I did have a couple of follow backs, but no takers. Then i threw the fake fish. Three casts, Three bass. It was the first casts i ever made with it. It was awesome! I think i'm in love

From: Steve: Brookhaven, Mississippi

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