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The Black Dog Injection Molded Lunker Punker is just like the original Punker, but made from plastic, rather than wood. This allows the Injection Molded Punker to have a rattle chamber, creating even more noise and commotion than the original, along with offering new color possibilities due to the translucent nature of the plastic.

Black Dog Length Weight
BDLP5 5" 1.1oz
BDLP6 6" 1.9oz
BDLP8 8" 4.1oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Saw videos on punkers thought bait looked cool bought bluegill and okie in 5" not thinking I was going to catch much on it went to 5 acre pond casted 15 20 times caught 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 at 1:00 in afternoon have a little confidence in bait now!

From: Chad: AL 5/5/15

Comments: I love the lunker punker. I use this bait so much in the delta it's the best. I love that it catches large mouth bass and strippers. I purchased a 6 inch one but got stolen. So I just bought 2 more that's how much I love these things. Well worth the money if u fish the delta I strongly recommend this

From: Denny: Lodi, CA 1/8/15

Comments: Not enough can be said about this bait. I love topwaters and walkers specifically, but this outdoes every other walker I've ever used. I love throwing big baits, I fish 6 and 8" punkers, 6 and 8" hudds, 7 and 8" s wavers, smaller fish will still hit these and they're just plain fun to throw. My favorite things about this walker are just the size and the way fish react to it especially on a slow but steady retrieve with wide glides, no other walkers I know of have such a wide glide and it gets DESTROYED. You have to fish one to be hooked!

From: NBM: NE 12/3/14

Comments: I felt like some of the others when i received the 5" inch punker because it was hard to walk. The 5" does walk well but it takes some practice. Use a longer rod with a soft tip and throw it on braid. Trimming or completely removing the feathers makes it easier to walk also. It takes a strong twitch and then you have to give the bait slack for it to glide side to side.

From: Unknown: USA 3/16/14

Comments: Wood or injection molded the Punker flat out gets bit. Ive caught stripers, largies and even smallmouth on this lure. For the folks that don't like it or cant get it to walk send'em to me and I'll be happy to show ya how it's done!

From: Nick: PHill Ca

Comments: mine produced a ten pound bass and 18-20 pound snook.  What else is there to say.  Great bait and very under rated.

From: FL

Comments: bought a 8" bait to go along with some 6" I already have walks and glides with ease with a dobyns 806 mlsb

Comments: There are no trout in the reservoir I fish yet I kill monster bass on my 5" Flash Trout.. go figure.. but thankful.  Even caught a lil 11" bass who obviously thought he was a much bigger boy!

From: Eins: NY, NY, USA

Comments: I received my 6" today and I can walk it no problem it glides on each jerk a couple of feet in each direction. If you can walk this bait it OE. I use a okuma guide select 7'6 MH.

Comments: Love this bait!! I have 2 5" and 1 6". Big bass and snakeheads tear these up on the Potomac.

From: Drew: Stafford VA

Comments: To everyone saying the 5"doesnt walk well, thats a user error. I have two 5" and two 6" and they all walk amazing for me, try using a longer rod, i use a Dobyns 765 champ. Really fun bait to fish.

From: Terry: NC

Comments: Great lure, once you get the hang of them they perform well. Smallest bass I've seen hit the 6 in model has been about 2lbs down here

From: Zach: Del Rio, TX

Comments: worst lure ever! Bought both 5 and 6 inch and can not walk the dog at all! Tried it on mono and braid didn't make a difference. Used my 7ft Med heavy St. Criox legend nothing. Threw it on my 711 Med shimano cumara nothing. Save the money. Trust me!

From: Eric: Tulsa, OK

Comments: Have the 5'' in Pearl. It may be hard to walk with a swimbait rod, but I threw it on a big jig rod and it walked with ease. Love the bait and will be buying the 6 and 8'' soon.

From: Will: GA

Comments: +1 on the 5" G2 for being a horrible walk the dog bait. The way this lure sets in the water (flat)campare to my other wooden punker (tilted @ 30-40 degree) explain why its so hard to walk and poor action.

From: bvang: Fresno, CA

Comments: The 5" version is really hard to get to walk, not impressed at all. The 6 inch version walks well....not as good as an 8in wooden, but good enough.

From: Mike: SoCal

Comments: the 5 inch G2 has awful action. I was really excited about it since the larger ones have great action. I tried it on mono and braid. I would go bigger than 5 inch, or go with a jackal bowstick

From: Mike: SoCal

Comments: Nice baits but i wish Tacklewarehouse would carry the 10inch baits, cause these 5-6inchers are just too small

From: Kevin: SoCal

Comments: I took  this out to a local creek/pond where some 4-6 pounders have been seen got one strike no hook set first dasy. However, I have problems with making it walk I fish a lot of zara spooks so I am hoping its just my rod biut idk only practice will tell.

From: Kris: Sacramento

Comments: Just Sweet bait, love the paint and action of the bait, but disapointed in the hooks...They are super sharp but very small for a bait this size.

From: Robert: Davenport, IA

Comments: This bait flat out catches fish!!! First time out caught an 11lb and 8lb striper on flash trout 6in. Only problem with it is the hooks. Need to be replaced with some owner stingers cuz that 11 ponda destroyed em hooks. But other than that, its amazing!!!! P.S. Dont believe the people that say only the wooden ones catch fish.

From: Josh: DVL, California

Comments:  The sickest "walk the dog" bait out there.... black bass and strippers can't get enough of it!
From: Parker: Stockton, CA

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