The Black Dog Lunker Punker is a "Walk the Dog" bait. The Punker features a patented design that keeps the body working slowly across the surface mimicking a large bait fish. Constructed from wood, the bulk of this bait pushes a lot of water and causes a disturbance that catches the attention of the big ones and brings them up from the depths. Available in a range of colors, the action and finish of the Black Dog Lunker Punker, along with its feathered treble, will trigger savage strikes.

Black Dog Weight
6" Lunker Punker 2.4oz
8" Lunker Punker 3.5oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: awesome baits! whatever you do, don't get the g2, step all the way up and get yourself one of these. As far as im concerned the g2 is nothing but an over sized key float. yeah they're good but the performance is obvious. you wont be disappointed

From: Matt: San Diego, CA 12/5/14

Comments: The wood punkers have a skinnier profile compared to the G2.. makes the 8" glide well for such a large and heavy bait.  The 8" is a bit larger than 8" and is a significantly bigger bait than the 6" and esp over the 5" G2 models..makes a big entry splash..sounds like the local beaver diving about.  Don't know if its scarin' the fish but I have not hooked one yet on it.. but I'll keep giving it a chance when I go out..

From: Eins: NJ

Comments: Great lure but they meet to make a 10 inch so you don't catch as many shakers with it

From: Brandon: CA

Comments: I have a 5" and 6" lunker punker.  On my first cast a small 12" bass attacked my 5" punker.  The lure was half its size!  Not much luck on my 6" mostly cause I cannot work it well enough.  The 6" is heavy and you need a long heavy backbone rod with a fast tip.. essentially in my opinion, to fish Lunker Punkers the way they're suposed to be fished, you need damn good quality rods.

From: Ric: NJ

Comments: I bought 2 of the 6" and man I was not disappointed.... however a little. I did not switch out the hooks on the bait, I got hit so hard when I set the hook on the monster it bent my hooks straight... =[ till next time "tank" the one that got away.. I will for sure be changing all hooks and split rings from now on..

From: Levi: Vacaville

Comments: When this bait gets bit you will not be disappointed. Top water action and monster fish at the end of your line, what more can you ask for? Only down side is its expensive to have a GOOD set up to throw these big baits.

From: HmoobYaj: San Diego 

Comments: Striper knocked this lure four feet out of the water yesterday. Today they hit it four times! Believe! This bait means business! Both sizes work!

From: Tacklejunkie

Comments: 9in. trout or foiled trout kills the pig stripers and catches the occasional largie. Only thing is the the hooks need to be swapped out with 3/0 owner stingers.

From: Josh: DVL, Cali

Comments: Every striper Ive caught on the punker has been 10 lbs+, every LM over 6lbs. Big fish bait period! There comming out with a 4" wood punker soon btw. Cant wait!

From: Seth: Lodi, CA

Comments: No joke, I just saw my friend pull in a 4 and 7lber LM today. He also got multiple hits that knocked this lure into the air multiple times. They are heavy, but they pull in heavy bass as well. Awesome bait! I like the wood ones a lot better than the plastics.

From: Brian: San Francisco, CA

Comments: Bought the 6" model and took it out for the first time last night! Hooked 2 and got 1 in! Can u believe it was only a 1 lb. Largemouth!! I throw it on a 7'8" Carrot Stix Gold Heavy rod, Revo Toro HS, Big game 25lb.

From: Grant: Susanville, CA 

Comments:How can there be no reviews of such a great bait? The Punker in my opinion, is one of the best big baits ever made. It just simply catches fish everywhere and of all sizes. It has that side to side erratic "make them bite" action. I've done well on both sizes of the wood baits; and have also done well on the plastic. Don't know how many bass I've caught on Punkers. So fun to fish and the bass just drill them. I own 7 of them and will probably own more.

From:ACH: So Cal, USA

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