Offering a slightly smaller profile, the Black Dog 5" Lunker Punker still attracts the big bites - but it doesn't discourage quality bites either. It delivers the unmatched Lunker Puker walk-the-dog action thanks to its patented designed body, which also allows it to be worked more slowly across the surface. The Lunker Plunker design has been proven across the country - and now the 5" version just adds another level of versatility. If catching big fish is your goal -whether its huge stripers or largemouth - tie on the Black Dog 5" Lunker Punker and go to work.

Black Dog Length Weight Class
Lunker Punker 5" 1.60oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have gone into the drink to retrieve my lunker punker on linebreaks 3+ times because I love this lure.  I've also learned alot about bulletproofing every part of my rod/reel/line/knot/connectors setup by casting this heavy lure (heavy for me anyway) and having it break away so many times. Oh and i wouldnt go into the drink to fetch a lure if it didnt catch me some nice fish!

From: Johnny: NJ, USA

Comments: I finally had the chance to fish this lure last weekend and I wish I had a camera. I had fish coming almost completely out of the water to slam this thing, I even had a fish slam it just sitting there.  Cast it, let it sit and work it sloooow..  I out fished a Sammy, and pop r my buddy was using and the hits are just freaking ferocious!

From: Rochester, NY

Comments: They whack them in Ohio!  Great bait!

From: Dave: Akron, OH

Comments: It sure is a nice bait, great cast ability, nice paintjob, but it is hard to walk. I love throwing walking baits, and this was the first one I have had trouble with. Either I would get no walking action or the line kept on fouling on the belly hook. I was throwing it on 65lb braid, revo sx, and an iRod.. any suggestions as to what I can do to make it walk better?

From: Boogieman: CA Delta

Comments: Good bait to have on hand for the days when the fish are bouncing off your 8" Lunker Punkers left and right. When you are getting tons of swirls and no hookups. Tie the tiny 5" punker on some 15lb test and get to it. It's a bit harder to walk than the larger punkers in my opinion and doesn't walk as well in choppy water due to it's lower weight. That said it still has a nice action when you get into it's rhythm. Since you can use fairly light line with this smaller bait,  the stock hooks should be sufficient and are rather sharp. As you might expect this bait casts very well. I'm surprised there is not more reviews on this one yet.. Give it a shot!

From: TackleJunkie: Riverside, CA

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