The Black Dog Shellcracker delivers an accurate panfish imitation thanks to its hand-carved, wooden construction, glass eyes, lexan tail, and custom airbrushed finishes. Available in waking or sinking versions, it generates an incredibly lifelike swimming action at any retrieve speed thanks to its durable, single-jointed construction. Dead-stick it or twitch it, the Shellcracker's superior design and proven performance on the water sets it apart from other comparable baits. Grab a Shellcracker today and see what Black Dog Baits can do for you.

Black Dog Shellcracker Length Weight Depth Hooks
Floating 5 1/2" 2 3/4oz Wake Bait 1/0 Daiichi
Sinking 5 1/2" 2 3/4oz 1-3 feet 1/0 Daiichi

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are awesome baits. And dont be put off by the paint chipping. Its normal with any wooden swimbait. Just ask anyone who owns a negotiator or mother, some of the top of the line baits, its inevitable. The things work and are awesome for the price.

From: Matt: San Diego, CA 12/5/14

Comments: I bought one of these a while back at my local bait shop and used it a total of maybe 30 to 40 casts before the paint started chipping off!  So I returned it and figured it may have been a fluke.  The owner replaced it with the same bait and I tried it again.  Same thing!  For a bait that costs over $50 I would think that they could figure out how to make the paint stay on at least!  Has great action and looks great in and out of the water!  Until the paint comes off and it looks like a big piece of driftwood!  Not worth wasting your money on!

From: Colin: Cedar Park TX

Comments: glad to see these back with tw, one of the great original swimbaits when the swimbait craze first started, my sc has caught me many many fish, I have the all white one.this is one bait u cant go wrong with.

From: Steveo

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