The Black Dog Bait Company Weed Slinger Minnow is a 6" full body weedless swimbait that weighs in at 3/4oz. This soft plastic has a wide tail for extra kicking action and a weedless design. A built in weight in the head gives the Weed Slinger it's balance and Real fish profile, scale pattern, and realistic eyes. This bait swims with tail kicking action while the body gives off a back and forth wiggle.

Length Quantity
6" 2

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Haven't fished it much, so I didn't  caught a fish on it yet, but I know I will sooner or later. It has a wild action at all speeds. I think it may be good in dirty water too. It's great in the weeds, trees and to fish like a jig in the rocks. Tackle Tour has a review of it in their "Soft Bodied Swimbait Tackle Drop".

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: This was my first big swimbait I bought.. I have to say it is a pretty dang good swimbait for the money, excellent swimming action in the tail and a wide wobble. Weighing in at 3/4 oz it doesn't wear your arm out to throw it all day. You can slow roll it for the big lethargic fish or use it as a burning wake bait. Very versatile. Highly recommend it to anyone. Caught 4-5 pounders on it so far. Definitely a quality product by black dog baits!

From: Conner: Louisa, KY

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