Blade-Runner Tora Tube Weedless Standup Heads 1pk

A great new way to fish a big Tora Tubes or swim bait, the Blade-Runner Tora Tube Weedless Standup Jig Head keeps the head of your bait pointed downward on the fall, and when resting on the bottom, it helps imitate the nose-down feeding position of a baitfish. The flat bottom of the jig head forms a sort of platform to keep your big tube pointed up, and helps it resist falling on its side - as is often the case with other jig heads. Also featuring a flexible weedguard for snag protection and 3D eyes for added authenticity, the Blade-Runner Weedless Stand-Up Head is available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your fishing conditions.

Tora Tube

Basstrix Trix Tubes

3 Colors

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    Size Stock Qty
    1 oz 5
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    Model No. TORASTD-GRP
    Green Pumpkin
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    1 oz 5+
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    Model No. TORASTD-PW
    Pearl White
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    1 oz 3

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