Boat Bling Hot Sauce

Boat Bling Hot Sauce
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Give your boat some bling with Boat Bling Hot Sauce - the ultimate water spot remover.  Just point, spray, and wipe off, for a streak-free shine that will leave your boat looking like it never touched the water. Made with specialty polymer and silicon waxes, the water-based Boat Bling Hot Sauce easily removes stubborn mineral deposits and engine exhaust, while leaving your current wax coat intact. Intended for use on fiberglass, plastic, chrome, glass, and all painted surfaces, the Boat Bling Hot Sauce is a great way to put a spot-free shine on your entire vessel. Make your boat the jewel of the fleet with the Boat Bling Hot Sauce.


–Biodegradable, water-based product
-Made from specialty polymers and silicon waxes
-Won’t strip current wax, adds wax sealant with each use
-Spray on, wipe off application
-Safe to use after each outing 
-Removes hard water spots, mineral deposits, and   exhaust residue 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This stuff is great. If you forget to wipe your boat down & let it dry on the scum line. This will wipe it off with ease! It is awesome on graphs & water spots on your motor!

From: Matt: Las Vegas, NV 4/6/16

Comments: The only cleaner I use on my boat. Takes off the water spots with ease, leaves behind a phenomenal shine, and is super-easy to use. I even use it on my vehicles.

From: Larry: AZ 11/11/14

Comments: bottom line this stuff is the best for wiping your boat down it leaves a great shine and it even leaves a slick coating like a light wax makes my ranger look great you've got to get you some

From: Ada: Hayward ca

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