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The amazing Boga-Grip handles, weighs and keeps toothy fish a safe distance away from your hands. Constructed from durable, non-rusting stainless steel, it’s virtually indestructible. Easy to use as well, the patented Boga-Grip securely holds your fish, allowing it to wiggle, flop and spin - but not get away.  Available in 15-pound and 30-pound models, each Boga-Grip scale is calibrated to insure accuracy within one increment. You can even send your Boga-Grip to the IGFA to have it certified for world record catches.

Model 130: Weighs fish up to 30lbs in 1/2lb increments. (Length: 10-3/4" Weighs: 1lb)
Model 315: Weighs fish up to 15lbs in 1/4lb increments. (Length: 9" Weight: 9oz)


-Weight of fish causes the prongs to shut even tighter
-Locking mechanism keeps prongs in tightest position
-Swivel motion eliminates torque from a spinning fish
-Shock absorber dampens a fish’s attempt to get free

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BogaGrip Model 315 - 15lbs-1 $124.95
BogaGrip Model 130 - 30lbs-1 $124.95

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Comments: The bogaGrip scales are worth the money but like everything they are not perfect.  The line is hard to read for someone that does not have perfect vision.  Other than that this is the perfect scales on the market right now.

From: Matt: Moweaqua, IL 8/22/14

Comments: I purchased the 15lb scale to use when trying to cull fish during tournaments. My hope was that without having to worry about batteries, this would be the ticket. It is a nice unit the main issue I have though is that the scale is so small it's hard for me to read. I have to use cheater glasses just to see it.

From: Scott: Minnetonka, MN 7/25/14

Comments: Very amaIng, durable, have the 15lb one !! everyone should have this!! No regrets, don't look at the price,it might be a it pricey but one u got this, you don't ever need to change to a newer one ..and it doesnt rust

From: Joshua

Comments: forget the cheap fakes, you need the real deal. I use mine in brackish, fresh and straight up salt water. No rust. Get a float kit for it, if your goofy non boater boots it into the water and it sinks, it wil be an akward ride home as you secretly plot his death.

From: Meatwad: no more shredded thumbs

Comments: Built very very sturdy, easy to use and does not seem to injure the fish.  The 'gripper' part works 100% of the time - never lost a fish because of it.  Best thing however is the accurate scale that is built in. 

From: Warren: Canada

Comments: A great tool to have on any boat fresh or salt water, built to last forever, I purchase  one when they first were introduced and still have it , the hadle is a little worn but it still looks and functions like the day I purchased it!! Love the fact that if I chose never to handle a fish and removing it vital slime coat with my hands aznd at the same time getting an instand accurate weight amonst the other features and use this tool has to ooffer it is well worth the price and I highly recommentd it!!

From: Capt Slick: FL

Comments: These are extremely well made and should not be compared to other models. The price is higher than other tools in this category but the BogaGrip are made to last a lifetime. I have the 15lb regrets

From: JigMan: NJ

Comments: Best grip in the world hands down.  Durable, tough and a must have arsenal in everyone's tackle bag!

From: Tokio: Midwest

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