Boing Topwater Lures

Boing Topwater Lures

Boing Lures take topwater performance and fishing technology to a whole new level. The difference is in the "Boing" sound that a Boing Lure generates. It is designed to stimulate a fish's sound-receptor by creating both High and Low spectrum frequencies - unlike any lure on the market! This creates a burst of acoustic information and electrical signals that are conveyed directly to a fish’s brain - and causes them to react violently.

Easy to walk-the-dog with and cast a country mile, the topwater Boinger is constructed of extremely durable Lexan for added toughness, and the sound chamber contains material, which will never bend or break. The hook eyes are also constructed of stainless steel, and Boing Lures come equipped with sticky sharp premium Gamakatsu #4 black nickel trebles. Featuring an array of quality paint schemes by Dwain Batey at Baitworks, Boing Lures take the time on each bait to make sure you get the best possible lure for your money. Boing Lures also feature feathered trebles hand-tied in the US.

Boing Lures: Audio attraction that eclipses all others.

Made in the USA by fishermen for fishermen.

Boing Lures Length Weight Class
Boinger 4" 0.60oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure has caught me more big fish then any other top water. The sound it puts out draws some of the most violent strikes ive ever seen on a spook type bait. The one negative i have found with this lure is that it is almost impossible ta fish when its a little windy, due to the flat eye it tends to get swallowed by waves. If its windy the heddon spook will perform better, but if fishing normal conditions the Boing is hands down a game changer

From: Chris: Knoxville, TN 7/15/14

Comments: Compared to most walk the dog lures, this one is very difficult to work, the back end swings around very fast and if you want to work it fast it does great however, if you retrieve it a slow pace it is almost impossible to retrieve. It does a have great unique sound that does catch fish and I do recommend it just note its not the spook to buy if you plan on working it slowly

From: WarEagle: AL 4/3/14

Comments: Awesome topwater bait...much larger walking pattern than a spook...the wake it leaves looks more like a snake swimming to me...and the sound it make is can hear it plain as day on the retrieve..Just returned from Guntersville and they crushed them for days...You wont be disappointed in this bait!!

From: Tim: Knoxville TN

Comments: I am gaining more and more confidence with this lure every time I use it.  I have had bass that are not even 5 inches hit this lure, and as other said, they swear the fish is much larger. Last weekend caught over 15 fish in an hour.  Cannot wait to put this bait to work this fall.

From: Brett: Rochester Ny

Comments: these are by far the best top water out there . outfished a friend who swears by the spook!! now he ordred 4 of these . i have all the colors. awsome lure!!

From: Eric

Comments: After fishing this lure this spring and all the way up until now, all I can say is AMAZING!! It's happend to me more than once,(and never happend with any other topwater stickbait) I cast it out, and let it sit there and move around with the waves, and the bass SLAM it way before I even begin my retreive!! That boing sound gets'em pissed something bad!! Hey get you some of these, and get'em quick, they sell fast!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: Tyler from KY is mistaken. These are better than any other walking bait on the market! IDK why but the boing sound they make forces fish to blast it way harder than most spooks. I caught a 1.4 on it last nigh and he crushed it so hard I thought I had a 4 pounder.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: Clearly anyone saying these baits are horrible has never actually used it. Sure, a spook is cheaper, but nowhere near as nice and will get outfished by a Boing EASILY! I know this because I got outfished by my Coangler who was throwing this and I was switching between a Spook and Repo Man. I caught fish, but his were much bigger and the blow ups were more violent. He ended up winning the Coangler Division by over 5 pounds and this bait was ALL he threw. I could hear that sound clearly as he was bringing it in, it must just drive the Bass crazy. After that day on the water, I immediately went and ordered some and can't wait until the backorder is over and I get them!

From: JoeFISHUSA: Table Rock, MO

Comments: These baits are horrible.  For the price they aren't worth it.  Buy a spook, more than half the price and will catch just as many fish if not more! 

From: Tyler: KY

Comments: I was skepticle when I first got this lure last year. But after fishing with it several times, I am hooked. I think they perform better than a Spook. I caught several nice fish on these last summer and fall. Great bait!!

From: Jason: Pennington Gap, VA

Comments: WOW!! This is the most creative lure I've seen in a long time!! Sweet paint job, great hardware componets, and the sound it makes, can't wait until spring to see how the bass react to it!!

From: mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: Had some of the most vicious hits ever on top water with these. Great baits and the paint jobs are crazy!!! Go Boing and go Baitwerks!

From: Leng: AR

Comments: ordered yesterday and received today, best customer service ever! The sound of this bait is ridiculous, never heard anything like it. Can't wait to see how the bass at DVL respond tomorrow morning to the "boing!"

From: LMCK

Comments: ordered 2 already looks incredible, by the looks of the videos i cannot wait to tie this on my line!

From: David: San Diego, USA

Comments: Guys the pictures don't do these baits justice. They are absolutely AMAZING

From: Tyler: Kentucky, USA

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