Bomber BD8 Deep Fat Free Shad - $5.99

The Bomber Deep Fat Free Shad reaches depths never seen before in a Fat Free Shad. Featuring a loud rattle, it dives down to 19ft on a long cast with 10lb line, and its long lip also allows it to bounce through cover attracting reactions strike - without snagging. It still has the magical bass-catching action that made the originals so successful in tournaments across the nation, and comes equipped with super sharp Tx3 trebles to lock in those strikes. A winning choice anytime you are going after the big ones holding on ledges or in deep cover, the Bomber Deep Fat Free Shad is available in a range of killer colors.

Bomber Length Weight Depth
BD8F 3" 1-oz 17-19ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

W2f Review
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Comments: When used as a trolling lure, this out dives the DD22 and Strike King 6XD. Kind of a strange action, but the fish seem to like it. A little pricey though.

From: Scott: Ypungsville, NC

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Chartreuse Blue Sparkle
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Bomber BD8 Deep Fat Free Shad

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  • Chartreuse Blue Sparkle
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  • Chartreuse Craw
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  • Citrus Shad
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  • Dance's Fire Tiger
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  • Emerald Sparkle
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  • Foxy Lady
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  • Foxy Phantom
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  • Foxy Shad
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  • Rayburn Gold
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  • Roux
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  • Bama Shad
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