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Bomber Model 4A Crankbaits - $4.89

The term “legendary” tends to get thrown around rather loosely in the fishing industry, but in regards to the Bomber Model A Crankbait legendary seems only fitting. The Bomber Model A Crankbait has been a staple among avid anglers for years, and continues to get the job done with its tight wiggle and quick-floating action. A workhorse in the field, the Bomber Model A Crankbait can withstand severe punishment from big bass and keep producing. The Bomber Model A Crankbait is known for its true running dependability, and comes straight out of the package ready for tournament action.  The definition of a go-to lure, the Bomber Model A Crankbait on that stays tied up for years to come.  

Bomber Length Weight Class Depth Hook
Model 4A 2.7" 5/16oz Floating 3-6ft #6

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Comments: my favorite river smallmouth crankbait. just wish i could still find some in the chartreuse pearl color!

Comments: Recently tried out these baits in the new river VA during fall fishing season. caught 5 different species of fish in 1 day. 1 45 inch muskie, 25 smallmouth, a few red eye, a few brim, and 1 carp all in one day. If that doesnt say they are imitating something natural to the river i dont know what does.  awesome rattling crankbait.... only got hung up a couple times in to days

From: Matt: Pembroke, VA

Comments: best smallie crank outthere i tride the foxey shed the creek craw nad the moss back craw all work great get ya some

From: Luke

Comments: this crankbait in the foxy shad color is the BEST craink bait i have ever used.. yesterday i went out and caught multiple 4-6 lb bass. i also caught multiple 1lb crappie. I will be gettin manny more. I advise you to check these out.

From: Matthew: Sandsprings, OK

Comments: great bait for all species

From: Clay: IA, USA

Comments: Absolutely a pleasure to fish with. It's 3-6 foot diving range is perfect for fall fishing when the bass move shallow again. It has a slim profile, which is also a great aspect because it appears "easy to swallow". Bomber, thanks for this killer crank!

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

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Bomber Model 4A Crankbaits

9 Available Colors

  • Chartreuse Blue
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 4+
  • Citruse
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 4+
  • Creek Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 4+
  • Ditch Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 3
  • Foxy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 3+
  • Moss Back Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 1
  • Nest Robber
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 4+
  • Okie Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 4
  • Sunrise Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 4+