To become legendary, a crankbait must possess certain characteristics. It's got to come through cover with minimal snags. It's got to track straight right out of the package. It needs quality components for durability. And it also needs the right action, lifelike shape, and color patterns. But above all, it has to catch fish.

The Bomber Silent Fat Free Shad delivers on all fronts - same as the original. Now in a silent version, it's a great choice when the fish are spooky or highly pressured. Offering tournament proven performance, the Bomber Silent Fat Free Shad is available in a wide range of proven colors, and features the same flat-sided design, kick-out bill, true-running performance, and super sharp Tx3 hooks that continue to put fish in the boat.

Bomber Lures Length Weight Depth Hooks Class
Fat Free Shad
Silent (BD7)
3" 3/4-oz 14-18ft #2 Tx3 Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: By far one of the best crank baits you can buy period ! It casts great, runs true right out of the box, has strong sharp hooks. and gets down quickly so you have a little time to work it ! It comes in a wide color scheme to match almost any condition ! The only negative I would give it is they don't have enough crawdad patterns to match our west coast fishery !

From: James

Comments: So glad they finally made a silent version of this phenomenal crankbait. Haven't got the chance to buy one yet, but I definitely will in the near future. This bait is gonna be outstanding!

From: Alan: Talbott, TN

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