Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbaits

The Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbait is designed to attack those tight spots in shallow water where bigger shallow cranks can't fit, and its also a great choice when you simply need to downsize your presentation. Built with a unique square bill with chamfered corners, the Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbait maneuvers easily over fallen timber and thick cover. Its compact profile and nose-down attitude create an irresistible wide-wobbling presentation as it moves through water and deflects off of structure. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the incredibly durable Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbait is sure to get the job done time after time, after time, after time…

Bomber Length Weight Weight
Square A 2" 3/8oz 0-3ft
Square A 1-5/8" 1/4oz 0-3ft

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7 Colors

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    Model No. B04SLXCS
    Apple Red Crawdad
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+
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    Model No. B04SLBBO
    Baby Bass Orange Belly
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+
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    Model No. B05SLBFT
    Bengal Fire Tiger
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 5+
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    Model No. B04SLFT
    Fire Tiger
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+
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    Model No. B04SLFMM
    Foxy Momma
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+
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    Model No. B04SLFS
    Foxy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+
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    Model No. B04SLOB
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great bait overall, I love the oxbow color for early fall, it has a big wobble that calls in fish.

From: Hunter: Chicago, IL 2/1/16

Comments: Guys I am a smallmouth fisherman and first time on the river I literally first cast ever on the river that I just moved to I caught a nice smallie. These crankbaits flat out work & considering the price you wont find anything better

From: Phillip: MN 12/19/15

Comments: Bomber is definitely my favorite crankbait and jerkbaits brand. This is out of all of the crankbaits I've tried. You can crank it slow and make kind of a wake bait, if you don't have that model, or you can crank it fast, and make it go 4-5 foot deep. Great crankbait, and especially for the budget minded angler :)

From: Joseph: Mokena, IL 6/1/15

Comments: The Square A is my favorite squarebill, in the 3/8 ounce 2" side. The hooks suck and need replaced but it has fantastic action and just the right size.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 10/9/14

Comments: The Foxy Momma Square A crankbait is a bass catching machine. I was using this lure on a sunny day with semi clear water only about 4' of visibility and banging this thing through some lumber and getting reaction strikes with ease. It has a nice flash to it as well. I did manage to snag the lure on some of the thick brushy stuff but logs and branches are no problem. The price on this lure is pretty awesome I highly recommend it.

From: Yakenstein: Hickory, NC 6/16/14

Comments: The Firetiger Bomber Square A has become my go to lure when I need to catch a bass.  There is something in the rattle that is different from other lures.  It has a higher pitch and manages to put the fish in the boat.  Great Lure.

From: Yakenstein: Hickory, NC 5/31/14

Comments: Best Crankbaits there is I caught 6 today on the apple red craw great bait for the early springtime.

From: Austin: KY 3/11/14

Comments: My Favorite Shallow water crankbait for a cheap price, Keep the hooks clean of tiny amounts of weeds because they will not wiggle and wobble

From: Elliott: MN

Comments: these bates are amazing for the price apple red craw is amazing when it comes to spring time

From: Josiah: washington,ia,usa

Comments: These are great little square bills. I like to throw them in super tight cover when my Bagley b or bomber model B just doesn't fit. They also work great in clear water with pressured fish. Don't let the size fool you these things will bring out some monsters.

From: Sean: Adirondacks, NY

Comments: Must be my favourite crankbait EVER!! So glad Tackle Warehouse is stocking them now!! This is my GO2 reaction bait, if every other reaction bait fails, have had this crank tied on my crankbait rod since Last year August and im still loving it... Im from South Africa and this crank has caught many Bass, Smallmouth Yellows, Catfish as well as some 5Lb to 6Lb Largemouth Yellowfish! Rating: 5/5

From: Hugo: South Africa, Johannesburg

Comments: Finally got them on here! I alway's catch bass with these when nothing else work's.Great little crank for the shallow's.Tired of ordering them from BPS,especially when the raised the price when they saw how popular they were.Change out the hook's on these with owner ST-36 red in front and black on back and they are good to go!At $2.99 you can't find a better bait that actually catches fish.I have only broke one lip off,but at this price who care's!I alway's have extra's in the same color's anyway! Good fishing,and thank's Tackle Warehouse for finally getting these on your site;)

From: FishnAddict: Virginia Beach,VA

Comments: Diving lips break WAY to easily on these baits.

Comments: I love the 1/4" size. This is my go to bait when the larger crankbaits do not work. I have caught bass up to 3 lbs on this size crankbait. I throw it on 6'-6" medium light spinning rod with 6 lbs test line.

From: Soua: Florence, Kentucky

Comments: my all time favorite crank. I don't throw anything else. Here in south florida I only fish 3-4 feet of water at most with cranks and this one is perfect! And the price is unbeatable !

From: Ricky: p pines fl

Comments: These are great little baits, and even though they're small they catch solid fish. Glad to see TW carrying them. Tired of ordering from XPS.

From: Erik: Bakersfield

Comments: It's about time Tackle Warehouse started carrying these. They may not have all the colors but it's a heck of a lot cheaper here than at BPS. Anyway, these are some good baits. This is the first crankbait I've been able to catch bass on. They also swim nice and straight right out of the box. These are nice to have when the water isn't too weedy.

From: Connor: IL

Comments: awesome baits,these lil guys are killer and cheap. I've been hoping tacklewarehouse would carry these for a long time. I've been buying them locally, but they still don't have my favorite color! red craw orange belly is my favorite, especially on the Potomac.

From: Justin: Potomac river, Md

Comments: Awesome square bill. I thought they were undersized at first but they actually work great. They have a nice wobble going through the water, and look like a dying baitfish.  They maintain exct same action no matter how fast you reel them in. Cheap price but great durability. I own about 5 of these but tacklewarehouse only has one of my colors. The best ones aren't on here.

From: Austin: MI

Comments: These are incredible little square bills!! After using them for years I still find it amazing that I can throw a Big O or the newer KVD 1.5 and not get as much as a follow and then throw the little 3/8oz Bomber and within the first 2 cast it'll get bit. The oxbow and foxy shad are all you need and it is very common that when you get bit with these that the bite will hold up all day, great square bill at a price that won't have you worried to throw it in cover!!

From: Dan: PA

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