The first ever crankbait that can be modified on the fly to meet changing conditions, the Bomber Switchback Shad can switch from a rattling crankbait to a silent swimmer. By rotating the lure in a certain way, you can either engage the single rattle for more noise or lock it in place for a silent approach.  Designed with the help of Bassmaster Elites Series veteran pro, Tim Horton, it’s the latest version of the ever popular Fat Free Shad Series. Each Bomber Switchback Shad also comes equipped with a slender bill to dive to depth quickly and produce a tighter wobble, and Tim even handpicked the colors, the specified Tx3 hooks and teardrop-style pull point to provide the fine-tuned performance he needs to compete at the highest levels of competitive bass fishing.

Bomber Lures Length Weight Depth Hooks
Switchback Shad M6 2-1/2" 1/2-oz 4-8ft #4 Tx3
Switchback Shad D6 2-1/2" 1/2-oz 8-14ft #4 Tx3
Switchback Shad M7 3" 3/4-oz 10-14ft #2 Tx3
Switchback Shad D7 3" 3/4-oz 14-18ft #2 Tx3

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait isn't much chop. Stick to Fat Free Shads, and if you need a silent lure, drill out th rattles.

From: Todd: Australia

Comments: I guess this crank is OK, bomber makes a cool crank but this one..... Every time I cast this lure and I have the rattle turned on, when I finish my retreive, it's turned off! I think what happens when you cast the ball rolls to the back of the bait, and locks itself up, I will be buying ones that rattle and don't, I don't mind retying that much.

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: I like to fish this bait with the rattle in the off position cuz it has a tight wobble and without a rattle it triggers some Beth big strikes. This bill on the fat free Shad is a lot wider witch makes the bait have a wider wobble than the switchback. Both r very good depending on the situation

From: Jared: USA

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