The Booyah Alton Jones A-Jig was one of the baits Alton Jones used to win the 2008 Bassmaster Classic. The Booyah A-Jig features a hand-tied round rubber and silicone skirt. The round rubber creates full shaping and an enormous amount of fish-enticing motion. Silicone strands allow for fabulous color combinations. The Booyah A-Jig is equipped with a 5/0 extra-strong black nickel hook and handy Plasti-Keeper spike.

"The skirts of these jigs are the key to their action. You can work one dead slow and still have a great, realistic profile. It's a perfect imitation of a slow-moving crawfish".

Alton Jones, 2008 Bassmaster Classic Champion

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Customer Reviews

Comments: An update on my previous review: Some time ago I caught on this jig what was at that time my 3rd biggest bass ever! And I caught some nice bass after that. All my bigger bass were caught on the Nest Robber color while casting the jig far and slowly dragging it on the bottom with some twitches. The fish bit when the jig contacted some cover (rocks or stumps) and I twitched it. I love this jig and have not lost a single fish on it!

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: I have been using jigs all summer since a friend introduced me to them, these have become my go to jig under any condition. They always catch fish! The skirt is extremly durable, the only thing is the weedguard falls out on a rare occasion but to prevent this just put a drop of superglue when opening it and it will last forever. The average size of bass you catch with these will greatly increase. it works no matter how you fish it. Get one!

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: Great jig! I'm starting to fish jigs more because I know they're one of the best lures for big bass, but I didn't had much confidence in them. A few days ago I went to one of my local lakes and fished this jig (with a 5" Yamamoto double tail grub) from the bank. I pitched it into an opening in the weeds and caught a bass! It was the first fish I caught while pitching and now I have more confidence in jigs! The skirt (the rubber strands) on this jig is HUGE! you can leave it that way or cut it to match the lenght of the silicone strands. One tip is to cut the rubber strands to the size of the silicone strands and leave just 2 rubber strands of the original size to mimic crawdad antennae! It has a nice action! This jig also stands up in the bottom really well and the hook is very strong and sharp.

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: This jig looks awesome. living rubber skirts are THE BEST for pressured waters. this jig becomes alive in the water and looks diffrent from all other jigs. give them a try, you will be glad you did.

From: Michigan, USA

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