The Booyah Boogee Bait combines the big-fish attracting profile of a jig, with the flash of a spinnerbait and an absolutely out-of-control dance. The result is a fast-lane special that prompts vicious reaction strikes from bass and other gamefish. The BOOYAH Boogee Bait's long list of features includes a classic Boo Jig head shape, meticulously detailed paint schemes, 3-D eyes, flared gills, an ultra-durable finish, a Leverage flexible hook system, a 4/O XCalibur Tx3 hook, and an easily interchangeable 55-strand Bio-flex silicone skirt with flash inserts in BOOYAH-exclusive color schemes.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I laugh @ the people and articles that called "chatterbaits/bladed jigs" a "gimmick" or something that was overhyped. Now, 5-6 years later there's rods from just about every top manufacturer devoted to bladed jigs/swim jigs. I VERY RARELY (hardly ever) fish spinnerbaits. Just never had the results I do with the bladed jig and I believe these can do everything a spinnerbait can do and MORE. Slow roll them deep, burn them just under surface...even fish them like a jig 'lift and drop' up/down ledges. I don't reccomend this particular bladed jig for fishing like a jig...this is a true "swimmer" and IMO the best I've sampled on the market. I've tried most every brand because I am a huge fan of chatterbaits and almost always have one tied on. These have a LONG hook which helps w/ short-strikers and the hook is latched to a flexible heavy-cable wire that doesn't kink and retains its' shape wonderfully. But it does NOT seem to inhibit hooksets/hook-ups. I rarely miss w/ these baits. They 'choke' and 'inhale' them and the hook bends w hen they shake it so they lose leverage which helps a lot. The vibration on these is very high and i think the blade (itself) design is the best on the market. Always runs true and straight. I rarely stray from black and blue (shallow. Around visible cover) or white/chartreuse (in murkier/stained water. Or in more open clear water when not around a ton of cover. Or for slow-rolling w/ a heavier version-wish booyah had 3/4oz.). I just think they need a few more colors...a bluegill or green pumpkin version and they need a heavier option 3/4 or 1oz for slow-rolling deeper struckture. The ONLY flaw of these IMO is that I have had the skirt band "wear thru" as it's not the highest quality band IMO. I just make up a custom skirt and it's fine. I usually prefer the trailer they come w/ too but will sometimes do double-tailed grubs or a small boot-tail soft swimbait for a bigger bite.

From: Tanner: Southeastern, MA

Comments: Awesome little bait here i can't say enough about how much better this bait is over the z man. and to john i've actually done the best on limesicle.

From: Louis: Green Bay

Comments: Amazing! original boogee bait is great but a local tackle shop of mine has a micro version which is perfect for skipping under docks with a zoom tiny fluke as a trailer aftter a cold front on spinning gear and just kills them! every color works for me but limcicle sounds cool so i use that the most

From: John: WI

Comments: Agree with reviewer from ID, don't waste money, had one break just casting it.  Fished a Zman all week, no problems. 

From: Biff: Harrisburg, PA

Comments: This lure is awesome always catch quality fish ,some reason after rain this bait rocks love the black/blue shadow color for day & nite .

From: Fishkiller01: NYC, NY

Comments: this is a great lure it was on sale so i thought  i picked one up in the smaller 3/8 ounce size and glowbee color and on my first cast i stuck a solid 4 lb largemouth bass pick some up it' a great bait

Comments: I decided to try out the Booyah Boogee bait after first trying out the Z-man chatterbait. I had a few problems with the Z-man chatterbait and had 3 of them break at the blade. I LOVE the Booyah Boogee bait, it is an amazing lure. I plan on buying all of the colors to start using more than my spinnerbaits. These work great with my baitcaster.

From: John: Arkansas, USA

Comments: Best chatterbait on the market still. Get the 3/8oz for slow rolling steep inclines from shore. They hit it right at the "hump" where the steep incline turns shallow every time. you cannot beat this bait during warmer summer months when they are near the surface and you are on shore. It flat out kills them. I bought a steez combo geared just to fish these chatterbaits it's so fun! The wire can break like others have said. It's still worth it. The action of this bait allows you to slow roll it right in the strike zone for the big bass. It will also call them out from the deep and they will chase it onto shore! I used all kinds of things for trailers. I fish these night or day. Try the lake fork magic shad for a trailer. Get the smaller ones. about 2.5" or 3" I think. Adds some bulk to the bait above the included trailers and hooks the TOADS!

From: Tacklejunkie: Southern California

Comments: This is the best retail offering in the chatter bait market.  Like a previous reviewer stated, the wire that secures the head to the blade, can break after some use or it can become unsecured and just fall off.  The skirts are very good looking, but are easily pulled apart.  Taking into account all the negatives, they do still catch fish and I have recorded a number of 4 to 6 pound fish on these baits.  Cortez Shad is my color of choice.

From: Carter: Texas, USA

Comments: I like this bait because it got me a 4th place finish out of 20 in a recent bass tournament. It got me a trophy for big bass of the tournament as well. I like the glowbee color.

From: Matt: Virginia, USA

Comments:I had 4 of the boogie baits. I lost 2 large fish on back to back baits. Both pulled apart at the head where the wire that the split ring connects to. All I got back was the blade and split ring. I threw the other two away!

From:Coeur D' Alene, ID

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