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Designed by topwater master Zell Rowland, who is meticulous about every detail, the Pip Zqueek features BOOYAH's unique flat head design to maximize planing efficiency, a multi-step hand-painted finish, a 55-strand Bio-flex silicone skirt with flash and the Leverage Flexible Hook System.
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Comments: If it weren't for the hook breaking free from the wire. This would be one of my favorite buzzbaits. They catch lots of fish, but the hook looses its grip around the wire over time. It's happened to me twice.

From: Jig Man: NJ

Comments: Love this buzz. It plains very quickly and stays that way even on a "fast" retrieve. The sound is awesome it really does squeak, ALOT. It also pushes alot of water and leaves a bubble trail. The colors are fantastic, the head design is flawless, and the flexible hook works really well.

From: Jeff: Rensselaer, TN

Comments: so i bought the luna colored buzzbait i have caught a few 5-7 poundeds when the sun was setting up at lake erie minnows were hitting the top nothing was working put this on and caught a few. Despite what people say about fishing buzz baits in the heat of the day i have hit some nice ones  in the heat of the day. I advise you to put one or two of these in your tackle box .

From: Michael: Columbus, OH

Comments: the only strike i got on this buzzbait was a 15lb striper in the delta that broke the skirt off. if your worried about the flexible hook not being sturdy, it is...

From: Muas: Cen Cal

Comments: Really like this buzzbait. Gets on top of the water quick and has good sound and splash. Flexible hook system is awesome.

From: Caleb

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