Brian Schmidt Baits Schmidterbait

Brian Schmidt Baits Schmidterbait

The Brian Schmidt Baits Schmidterbait puts a new twist on the classic spinnerbait.  It features a thin wire stainless steel frame and a unique blade combination that separates it from other spinnerbaits on the market.  The Schmidterbait is equipped with a large cupped Colorado blade and a very small, cupped Indiana blade, which produces a unique, heavy thumping vibration.  It’s also outfitted with a hand-tied skirt crafted from marabou and UV synthetics that give the body of the spinnerbait a more natural and fluid movement.  Lastly, it i’s armed with 3D eyes and a stout, super sharp, wide-gap hook that’s big enough to accommodate a trailer hook if needed.  The Brian Schmidt Baits Schmidterbait breaks the mold of traditional spinnerbaits and is sure to put more fish in the boat.

4 Colors

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